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Startech plasma technology

Startech Environmental Corp.

Startech is the only publicly traded waste-to-energy plasma arc technology company in the world. They presently have three 5 ton/day installations in operation, with a number of other plants in various stages of implementation. A 200 ton/day plant being built by Startech in Panama will be the largest such plant in the world, and will convert ordinary garbage into hydrogen that can be used in fuel cells to generate electricity or directly as a fuel for combustion. The Panama plant is expected to be operational in 2008. "Waste is not garbage, but a commercially valuable, renewable resource." (StarTech Promotional Video.)

What is Plasma?

Plasma is simply a gas (air) that the Converter ionizes so it becomes an effective electrical conductor and produces a lightning-like arc of electricity that is the source of the intense energy transferred to the waste material as radiant energy. The arc in the plasma plume within the vessel can be as high as 30,000 degrees Fahrenheit ... three times hotter than the surface of the Sun. When waste materials are subjected to the intensity of the energy transfer within the vessel, the excitation of the wastes' molecular bonds is so great that the waste materials' molecules break apart into their elemental components (atoms). It is the absorption of this energy by the waste material that forces the waste destruction and elemental dissociation.
The Plasma Converter is computer controlled, easy to use and operates at normal atmospheric pressure, very safely and quietly.
YouTube - News report: Startech waste-to-energy plasma technology

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