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Everyone knows our science lacks philosophical ingredients. But I know this is not a good way to word it. The thing is, scientists can't do anything with this statement. So we've been lulling around with this knowledge not knowing what to do with it.

Victor Schauberger had various skills environmentalist, inventor, scientist, philosopher, visionary But if we look at his accomplishments I would almost dare say he was a rather amateurish scientist compared to the philosopher he was. From a philosophical point of view there is destruction and creation. Philosophy doesn't work with + or - but it means the same thing. Funny enough, from a scientific point of view it sounds like religious philosophical talk. Still, it's much like creating a variable for the happiness described in a poem. Then calculating the average joy/day I think some philosophers would be really upset if you did that but most would say "it's not philosophy it looks more like some kind of math physics kind of formula."

Looking at nature in his implosion/explosion , create / destroy kind of way, Victor envisioned the destruction of our ecosystem. This vision did not at all please him, they say he even hoped he got it all wrong. But if science is wrong and he is right " may the lord have mercy on mankind".

Now before we dismiss it as religious poe haa. I say self-inflicted eliminative-journalism is not the picture I want to create of the world for myself.

I'm much to objective to apply faith systems while figuring out the truth. Him calling on higher powers means there is something seriously upsetting going on, at least in his mind there is. Bit of irony there, he sure has little faith in his god? Gazing over what little documentation there is left on his work it doesn't take me long to figure out this guy was really on to things. Most of it still sounds like abracadabra to our sciences as well as to everyone else of course.

Just like searl his generators flew of the bench. But he wasn't using fancy alloys and complex shaped magnets but he was vortexing water (just?). The vortex would cool in the center and heat at it's edge. Now... The hot water goes up the cold water goes down. This IS the friction so it is almost 100% efficient. If the water approaches crystallisation temp I have no problem believing it may start acting all bizarre the way water does. It starts glowing and emitting electricity then it flies away taking the workbench with it. lol

Victor was also known as the water doctor, he could brew water that improved health in such a way it was directly visible. Scientifically we already know that shaking the bottle gives a more homogeneous emulsion. Properly dissolving minerals in water cant be bad?

In Victors view there was a constructive part and a destructive part of the vortex, this of course doesn't mean that what is constructed is the same as that wat is destroyed.

Forget science for a moment and help me imagine the whole atmospheric-soup is moving in vortex. Some small some big, some really small some really really really huge, big enough to have names.

If you make a small whirling motion in a cup of coffee a small vortex appears. You don't really have to whirl it, just move it from left to right a few times and the sugar dissolves in the vortex.

Then the surface of the coffee smoothens out again. (This is the constructive part.)

Now we have put-up all kinds of machines generating wind potentials, static potentials, heat potentials it's potentials all over the place. We applaud our own work natures response or her reaction on our deed is not visible. But we know the potential we've created is still out there vortexing around whiling though the sky.

Those potential wells are waiting for a vortex big enough to trigger them. At least that's what victor is doing with the water!

If you kill all the birds you get insects in stead.
If you kill all the forest and wild life you get hurricanes and tornadoes in stead.

It is the life on this planet that makes it such a stable place. For every well of potential we use to have a life form living from it. Now we just have huge potentials hanging around ready to hit us hard. And I mean really really hard! Not just a thousand year ice age.

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