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solid state propulsion

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This nifty kit includes a pre-made high voltage ion generotr potted for your protection, and probably the best one available for the price. It also includes a neat experiment called an "ion wind generator." This generator works great for pollution removal in small areas (Imagine after grandpa gets done in the bathroom!), and it moves air though the filter by the force of ion repulsion. No fan blades, no noise, just swiftly moving, charged air. Learn how modern spacecraft use ions to accelerate though space. Use the Ion Generator to pump your VanDeGraff generator to a faster charge time. Includes ion power supply, 7 "ion wind tubes", and mounting hardware for the ion wind generator.
Ion Generator Kit
Vaneless ion wind generator
A vaneless ion wind generator is a proposed device that produces electrical energy directly by using the wind to pump an electric charge from one electrode to another. It is a type of wind power, although wind energy is usually extracted to make electricity by means of a wind turbine.
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Charged aerosol wind/electric power generator with solar and/or gravitational regeneration


On a Charged Aerosol Wind/Electric Power Generator, electrically charged water droplets are dispersed into the wind stream. Using Induction Electric Charging, a water jet issues under water pressure from a small diameter (25-50 .mu.m) orifice, and the jet breaks into charged droplets. A plate orifice 35 .mu.m diameter, and 25 .mu.m long appears optimum; a single jet from such an orifice at a water pressure of 15 psig produces net electric power output substantially exceeding the hydraulic and electric power inputs. A practical Wind/Electric Generator utilizes a multi-orifice array scaled to a kilowatt or megawatt level. A water recovery and pressure regeneration solar and/or gravitational means is described by which water is conserved and the water power is free, so that there is a net output electric power without external power input of any kind, except natural wind and/or solar power. Patent number: 4433248
Filing date: Apr 7, 1982
Issue date: Feb 21, 1984
Inventor: Alvin M. Marks
Primary Examiner: Terry Flower
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Charged aerosol generator with uni-electrode source

This invention relates to novel charged aerosol sources for diverse applications in Heat/Electric Power Generation, weather modification, airport fog clearance, dispersed chemical reactions, and other uses; and in particular, to a Wind/Electric Power Generator deriving electric power from wind power directly without moving mechanical parts through the medium of charged water droplets introduced into the airstream from a charging electrode, the charged droplets eventually discharging to ground, the electrical load being connected between the charging electrode and ground to complete the circuit. The wind/electric power is converted by an isobaric electrothermodynamic process occurring in the space charge field produced by the charged droplets.
Patent number: 4206396
Filing date: Aug 29, 1977
Issue date: Jun 3, 1980
Inventor: Alvin M. Marks
Charged aerosol generator with uni-electrode ... - Google Patents

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