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why the internet sucks

The idea of globally sharing information sounds very exiting still when looking at the real thing a lot of people are awfully disappointed. The real thing doesn't live up to that what we had imagined. We glance over the page and more often then not we see there is not much info there. We tend to forget the only information we can find is that what is properly indexed. A structured archive comes in small chunks so there isn't much on the page by design. The mistake we often make here is that we actually go and read the page, we click multiple links and read those pages as well. This seems like the right way because we are used to books and stone carvings that go from start to end. But this isn't how the web works, there is more as one following page, you have to pick where to go next. So, actually reading less and less improves your internet experience more then a little bit. Imagine how little work it takes not reading a page, it doesn't take much effort at all. There always is a wealth of links. There is no need to look at all of them, you only need one. Just pick the first thing that looks interesting. This takes us to another page where we may repeat the task. A single glance over the page should be enough to see if you are going to read some or click some but clicking should be the preferred action and reading should be limited as much as possible. Unlike google video the page isn't going to disappear any time soon, if it supplies interesting links then it's worth revisiting it. One day you may even read the whole text on it but for now just visiting and clicking around is more then enough of a service. Then when you get a general idea of the landscape of your specific interest during that session you actually know what is where. Before you know it it's all your error how the web is the bore, you know what is where, what is most interesting and what is least known, now it's time to make a page of our own, this doesn't have to be a gigantic website, a hand full of links and a few of your personal words the way only you can write them is more then enough. If there is very little information about your topic your own site will be equally more exiting to those who share that opinion. The site doesn't have to be finished, it doesn't have to be big, it doesn't need it's own domain or it's own hosting. Less effort is actually better. The idea that it should be more then you are willing to do can only prevent you from making it. It may be fun to create another one later or to update it the next day/month/year. Just don't have any expectations from the rest of the web that you cant forfill yourself. We are all waiting for you to show us how this internet thing should work. We haven't got a clue! Please save us!

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