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There should be no unification of destruction and creation

I recently discovered that the values Jing and Jang are much better at representing "work" as that what we call energy. Destructive work and constructive work can not go on one big heap. They are not the same thing in any way. Like farming is not the same thing as bombing Vietnamese or Iraqi children. One can argue: "hey it's just my job, I'm only doing my work here". But the first is very useful and the later is very useless.

The oil problem is going to put us all on dog food in less then 10 years. Dude! your car doesn't run on energy, it runs on global death. Only if that doesn't matter one could argue against windmills and solar for their lack of energy production. "hey your solar panel doesn't do half the labor as my global death apparatus does" Sounds most delusional doesn't it?

It doesn't take a genius to see those vigorously fighting every pro free energy argument also have the most destructive mindsets. No wonder they like using up the oil so much. It's like self centered energy for the self centered people. For them this is utopia.

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