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Electromadnetic Soupaconductus

No one has really figured out how magnetism works jet. It seems obvious the field erected by a coil explains there is a flux component orbiting the wire, lots of wires close together makes for a thick layer of flux whirling around the the wires in a donut shape.

In a superconductor the current just moves around without disappearing. The most logical route within the material would have a circle shape, it may be a bit of a wobbly circle it's still a circle.

If this current could be imprinted and maintained in one and the same direction it would behave like a coil. Materials that behave exactly like that we can make artificially. They are called permanent magnets. We apparently have a technology capable of erecting magnetic fields that don't cost any energy after creating them.

There is no reason to think an electromagnetic field should cost more or less energy to sustain as a permanent magnetic field. This means either the permanent magnet is getting energy from some place or the electromagnet is extremely wasteful. If it was an obvious effect we would have figured it out by now so a combination of both becomes more likely. There is energy flowing into the permanent magnet from some place and electromagnetic fields costs almost nothing to open up.

It's just that we don't understand it and this prevents us from finding the answers.

Ed, the builder of coral castle showed us how to build a perpetual motion holding device. This apparatus would close a magnetic loop utilising coils. Like an electric horse shoe magnet. A reproduction described the magnetism would remain in the steel after removing the battery. Leaving this device for a week then attaching a light bulb to the coil and opening up the magnetic loop brightly lit the bulb for a moment. The current remained in the coil all week!

Ed may not be proffezeur du fromage he did build coral castle which should credit him being more of a scientist as those men in dresses with the funny hats.

The Hall effect switch output current is not sufficient to power this motor, therefore it also requires a power transistor.

Hall Effect Motor

Here the word "this" is of interest.

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