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Jeff Omalanz-Hood

Isn't it ironic how those same people killing babies to drive their SUV can point and laugh at Paul Pantone while he is being brainwashed in a mental hospital. Then argue I'm the one who doesn't make sense, AND argue I'm the one attacking them? Dude, I just wanted to talk about driving cars on water! I'm not going to be your laughing stock, it's just not a funny topic to me. If we would continue to depend on one central energy source any minor disaster will put us all without food! The chain is as weak as it's weakest link. Such big chain will break in one go. You want your supply of drinking watter to depend on Ali Baba? And your food? And your electricity? And your heating? And your job transport? And I'm the one who doesn't make sense huh? You sure the topic is not open for arguments? Find some water car pdf's and SHARE them with us will you? Or is this a redundant part of the construction of such devices?

You are all spoiled with search engines but you pretend you have to travel around the world to visit libraries and professors. And you don't need to lobby to get 10 words on the last page of a newspaper either!

You are all spoiled! Or you really think CNN is going to teach you how to build engines?

Find some credible reproductions, do your homework, visit el local garage or the local handy man. Tell them to research it. If it's illegal not to use gas in your state or country your job starts there.

You are not just going to give up are you? I mean give up? you? Really? But you haven't even started doing anything? Can a non smoker give up? Can an illiterate stop reading?

You just give up huh?

Jeff Omalanz-Hood writes:
Factuurexpress, the rest of us are bound by reality.

Dear Jeff:
You are bound by your own stupidity. There is nothing that belongs to me in your head. You are the one living the delusion. You just give up huh? You the giving up type? Show me proofs of this reality of yours. Then we can all see how wrong you are, including you. Your childish remarks are not going to save you Jeff boy. In fact I have had more then enough of the endless stream of childish responses of which this is just one of course.

So, today we are going to educate Jeff on his water car delusions.

We should start with teaching him about the obvious and clear differences between common ducted and independenlty ducted hydrogen. In the narrow scope of your small world view you know only of the independently ducted hydrogen.


Commonly known as Browns gas it was first described in 1966 by William A. Rhodes US Patent No. 3262872. The electrolyzer is specifically designed not to separate the gas rather make a soup of diatomic hydrogen, monatomic hydrogen, diatomic oxygen, monatomic oxygen, water vapor and electrically expanded water. The reaction takes the water to sub-critical state 1860 times it's original volume afterwhich thermolysis takes place on the target surface. The nozzle stays cold while the arc temperature depends on the target material. Compared to electrolysis & hydrogen it takes less current to half-dissociate water, we get more heat, it burn at 2487 m/s (mach 7.5), and implodes with a 1860:1 decrease in volume. Any leftovers breakdown through thermolysis at 2500°C. The burn is translating heat into fuel and fuel to heat at the very same time.

Of all elements, hydrogen and oxygen should hold no secrets. Yet, in this example they do and have been troublesome.

— William A. Rhodes

But not for Jeff, Jeff has his real world ignorance to trample the troublesome secrets into straight jackets AND he has the guts to laugh at those people.

Laugh at Paul Pantone while he is being brainwashed in a mental hospital. Hope you had much fun Mr. Omalanz-Hood.

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Some patents:

US 4014777 - Welding US 4081656 - Arc-assisted oxy/hydrogen welding US 3697972 - METAL DETECTION AND ALARM SYSTEMS Mixed gas generator Brown gas mass production apparatus including a line style electrolytic cell Electrolysis systems Electrolysis systems Polycell gas generator Water decomposing apparatus Hydrogen/oxygen fuel cell Apparatus for generating a mixture of hydrogen ... Detonating gas generator Gas generator Combustion control with flames Methods and devices for electrosurgery Electrolytic device Hydrogen/oxygen generating system with ... Bipolar electrolytic cell Hydrogen/oxygen generating system with ... Electrocombustion engine Method of combusting a water/fossil fuel mixed ... Mixed gas generator Extraction installation for hydrogen and oxygen Rich oxygen gas generator Heating apparatus using thermal reaction of ... Method for producing orthohydrogen and/or ... Hydrogen-oxygen fuel cell Gas-collecting electrets as magneto ... Renewable fuel generating system Hydrogen-fueled visual flame gas fireplace Fuel igniter

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