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Why we don't need money

Money is a means of buying food and paying for housing. In history more then one religious groups have attempted and succeeded in obtaining both farms and ownership of housing. This of course sounds very scarry but as a business there is MUCH to say for guranteed customer support. And I mean that in the oposite way, customers supporting the business. This is so interesting because multinationals have much advantage in a lot of areas but some very simple things they just cant get right on that scale. It's not an advantage to have your foods created some place far away. If it is close enough and you are part owner you will even go there to help in your free time. Just for fun! This will obviously improve the quality of food also but the main importance is to make peoples survival independent from the economic roller coaster. Because if you have a home generator and your local food supplies the rest of the country can be in total chaos while your life continues. But if their disaster means you have no foods and no power then you will be unable to help them also. Food must be made locally and those who eat it should also be the owners of such factories/productionplants/farms.

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