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Lenz law stuffs

You know that Lenz law stuffs right? What my most limited understanding can bake of it is that if an electromagnet is attracting a permanent magnet it is squeezed together. If it's repelling one it's wants to expand.

[- +] (-) squeeze

[- +] (+) expand

But what if we make a 3 way equation and have the electromagnet both pull and push at the same time!

[- +] (+) [- +]

Now we get 2 times the work and most of the coil is outside the permanent magnetic flux. It just doesn't draw more current and it doesn't create less electromagnetic flux either.

Mr.Entropy: the forces on the electrons moving in the coil from each of the nearby magnets add linearly, i.e., the effect of magnet1 + magnet2 is the same as (effect of magnet1) + (effect of magnet2). ....

This is called linear superposition.... the principle of superposition, the laws that describe magnetism, gravity, kinetics, etc., cover all configurations of the basic elements, no matter how many there are, or how cunningly they are arranged.

I have no problem assuming the common understanding this would be in unity is flawed. In fact there are always mutiple energy transfers from each body and inside the body it self. The various oscilating vibration are higly mistiying. Dont bore us with saying it's not possible in any way. You are not progressing the topic with conservation laws you see? Breaking the law is not nesasary, even an infinite storage device would be fantastic. I know it sounds stupid but we are looking for the sum of the parts to be bigger as the total. Up to now engineers have engineered static and resonant effects out of the devices. This doesn't mean they have disapeared tho. You know air changes temprature, you know there is huge potential there. It just depends on how cheap you can envision making such enourmous generator. I insist we show proper respect to mister Gary. As I have supplied you with the links on such sir.

Here the physics monster eats it's own tail hehehe it demands proper respects while it should earn such and it doesn't give proper respect where it was actually earned.


Patent No. 190206 - Oct 3, 1876
..reciprocating electro-magnet, the poles of which are changed at each movement, between two permanent magnets arranged with their reverse poles opposite each other.

If we can get 2 times the motion out of the same chunk of current this doesn't falsify thermodynamics. I think we tend to forget a generator and a motor are practically the same device. The errors in the conversion ratio exist in both directions. Like back emf. lol I have written this beutiful doc about it.


Method of preventing magnetic flux from extending into a target material.

Now the artist, comeadian and the enginer wants to know where the errors are in this much elaborated detail. Contradicting magnetic flux inducts reverse proportional fields there propagated from thus therefor so on etc! You don't have to take it on faith you know? *grin*

2 magnets, a strip of mettal and something to lift up with the strip. It will thus therefor on be obvious how the utilsation of said new and improved way of looking into electromechanic may lead out new theories and new interpertations thereof. At least to those skilled in the art it should present a challanging research phenomenon. As it's now obvious how to make the same thereas therefrom theresaid.

Harper's New Monthly Magazine

(March 1879, pp. 601-605)
By his achievement Mr. Wesley W. Gary has quite upset the theories of magnetic philosophy hitherto prevailing, and lifted magnetism out from among the static forces where science has placed it, to the position of a dynamic power. The Gary Magnetic Motor, the result of Mr. Gary's long years of study, in a word, a simple contrivance which furnishes its own power, and will run until worn out by the force of friction, coming dangerously near to that awful bugbear, perpetual motion.

Aditional phyiscs diplomas may be burned to lead out heat energy. :D

Here is my previous art.

It's a little less complicated than the Newman motor.

Mr.Entropy: You know, I generally like the free energy believers a lot more than I like the skeptics. It breaks my heart that they can get so confused.

Thereto I shall reply,
I'm an artist documenting that what you should be researching IMHO. That is what believesystem subscriptions I utilise thereof. I'm not confused. Not apriciating the art of physics is in fact just that. If it was just for how boring you guys and galls have made the study of the univsere alone it should be enough to hold against thar pencile drawings.

You seem like a nice chap but I will claim you are the confused one, Alberto also said: If I knew what I was doing it wouldn't be called research now would it? I am in the awareness I have a long way to go before I can even match the construction drawings of Mr Rinstrud.

This drawing of mine gets the idea across which is it's purpose.

See the device in action.

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