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Microsoft Mind-Reading Software

Microsoft researchers are working on a MIND-READING SYSTEM -- hardware and software that can "interface directly with the human brain." The company's R&D department has figured out how to use a "low-cost electroencephalograph" for "detecting specific forms of brain activity." Research papers associated with the project say that "knowing the state of the user as well as the tasks they are performing may provide key information that would allow us to design context sensitive systems that adapt themselves to optimally support the state of the user." The technology might also "know the precise intention of a user who searches for an ambiguous term."
The Raw Feed: Microsoft Working On Mind-Reading Software

I don't know what to think of this but I'm sure that will soon be considered a software bug. I'm at least happy that M$ shows the world the true state of the brain manipulation technology. The reality is that they can write your experiences from the satellite. It's called non lethal weapons, I'm sure you can find the bill some place, as you've willingly paid for it (obviously)

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