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shooting the rider for what the horse did before he got on it

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As I point out in my Entry for April 23, 2005 , the Y! services not just could..but should have the target customer defined AND let us know about future plans to expand. A simple you don't exist will not do.

Joe B commented "You're shooting the rider for what the horse did before he got on it."

Yes, I waisted my time because of the way it's set up. This means it will waist the time of all non us Yahoo visitors,  and I 'm 100% sure I looked.

1) your opinion does not have value vs facts.
2) Talking about the writer has no value to the subject.
3) I indicate a problem but offer a solution.

Joe B Yahoo! obviously doesn't have the legal position with the mobile phone providers outside the US.

Why would that be obvious? I have a mobblogging button on my page, at least one of the links after that link should explain I can stop looking, at least one should say what the plan is on this. And having me look for 20 min does not look good.

Joe B Thus, you're going to have to wait on the moblog issue. Ditto, they do not have relationships with the directory providers like they do in the US, therefore no Yahoo! local outside the U.S.

But never the less,  having to thell me this after I read the whole about does look weird.

Joe B If you can do business in your immediate neighborhood and be satisfied with the result, how would you feel if I started casting dispertions on you about how your business isn't available to me in another continent?

I would be honored, I would try to understand and if it makes sense I would try to fix it.

Joe B  I to am in an oft ignored region. But I choose to live here for a reason. And I respect the abilities and inabilities for businesses to reach me with their products and services. I don't spit on them when they are unable or will have a delay in reaching my area. Instead, I place a "welcome" mat and offer assistance when possible.

Thats why I Explain this, like business as usual.

Mavros We non US residents are treated like second class netizens but yahoo is much better than e.g MSN (my hotmail is still 2MB, and no, I don't intend to pretend I live in Florida to get 250MB, I'll stick with yahoo thank you!)

As you can see, the thought to leave does pop to mind. This is not my opinion.