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Fraudulent activity at the Queensland Health & Medical Boards

Due to circumstances out of our control The Fountain of Life will no longer be offering alternative cancer therapies as of the 4th August 2007. Queensland Health & Queensland Medical Board for the past 12months have been applying pressure and questioning our treatments and protocols and in return this has produced a huge level of stress on Dr Tait's health and the clinic. Dr Tait will continue to consult with all current cancer patients of the clinic and all those who wish his advice, but no cancer treatments will be available in house or out of house. Please do not feel like you are being left out in the cold as we will continue to be there for you and will continue to support you anyway possible. Dr Tait will be available to you for follow up progress reports and advice as long as you need him.
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The Queensland marketeers of death have pseudo-quacked the cure to the grave. The Queensland Medical Board knows damn well the scientific results don't lie the way they do. We may consider it rubbed in the face hereby.

After all cancer is a deficiency disease. I'm not a doctor so you cant take my word for it. But you damn well can look up the research and do your own if you think your opinion is of relevance.
It is a pleasure to be able to announce that Doctor Michael Tait of Queensland, Australia, has stood up to be counted in the use of B17 Laetrile. At his "Fountain of Life" clinic on the Gold Coast, Dr Tait and his colleagues generally have 4 cancer patients per day receiving 3 hours of Laetrile therapy. Judged by the available data, patient response is predictably excellent. Despite his punishing workload at the clinic, Dr Tait has also managed to erect a very impressive web site, which provides more data on Vitamin B17 than any other web site I have seen. His site is well worth a visit by anyone who has ever wondered why the American FDA and Australian Government have responded to B17 with such vicious disregard for human life.

The data don't lie.