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The Lee-Tseung Theoretical Pulse Motor

The Lee-Tseung Theoretical Pulse Motor

Gaby has done a great job in collecting many inventions with OU claims. His posts in this topic on Pulse Motors are stimulating.

My focus is somewhat different. I would like to apply the Lee-Tseung theory to design the best Pulse Motor possible. I would not build the motor myself as I am not skilled in the use of tools. Others have a chance to shine.

The goal of this thread is:

(1) Explain how the Gravitational and Electron Motion Energy is Lead Out in the Pulse Rotation.

(2) Identify the various factors that will affect the Lead Out efficiency.

(3) Show how the known devices such as the Newman, the Bedini, the 225 Horse Power Pulse Motor, etc fit into the above scheme.

(4) Discuss how to incorporate the Flying Saucer Concept into the pulse motor. (magneto propulsion unit). I shall make comparison with the John Searl Devices.

(5) The knowledge is expected to Benefit the World. However, I expect debunkers and other with less noble intentions to jump in and disrupt the discussion as in other open forums.

I shall use my moderator privilege to delete, modify or ban disrupting posts. Please do not post in this thread of the if you object. Thank you.

I am making the thread sticky first so that enough information may be pumped in to start reasonable discussions.

Lawrence Tseung
Benefiting the World Leads Out necessary measures to ensure "focus on the technology"
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Sat Sep 15, 2007 4:28 pm by ltseung888 View user's profile
The Pulse Concept

I have spent much typing on the concept of Lead Out. Hopefully, most people will get the point that gravitational and electron motion energy are already available and surrounding us. We already have exchange with such energy constantly.

In the Cosmic Energy Machines, we are NOT trying to create energy. We are using a Pulse Force to Lead Out energy. The layman’s analogy is using a bucket to pour water from a large tank at the top of a hill. The energy of water flowing down the hill is NOT the muscle energy. The energy of water flowing down the hill is mainly the potential energy of water already available.

A Pulse Force is different from a constant force in that:
(1) It is short in duration.
(2) It can be repeated with a certain frequency.
(3) If the frequency is correct, the system may achieve resonance. This means the amplitude of the oscillation; vibration or the rotation speed may increase. The increase may even go towards infinity causing destruction of the system.
(4) If the frequency is not correct, the amplitude of the oscillation, vibration or the rotation speed may decrease. More Pulse Force will not work.
(5) Newton’s Laws of Motion will apply during the application of the Pulse Force. In particular, the Law of Parallelogram of Forces can be used.
(6) Gravitational or Electron Motion Energy is Lead Out during the application of the Pulse Force. The moment the Pulse Force is stopped, no more energy will be Lead Out.
(7) The resonance frequency may change with changes in external load. A tuning mechanism should be provided.

Lawrence Tseung
Pulsed Rotation Leads Out new thinking.
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Sat Sep 15, 2007 9:56 pm by ltseung888 View user's profile
The History of development from Lee-Tseung

The train of thoughts and events leading to the theory and understanding of the Pulse Motor is as follows:

(1) Lawrence Tseung et al were working on property of water under push and pull conditions in mid 2004. Air accidentially leaked into the measuring tubes. Air and water bubbles continued to come out from the measuring tube for many minutes. The tube was higher than the water tank.

(2) This led to the understanding that air is not a fuel but an energy carrier. We can use Energy from Air. The demonstrations were repeated in many places in Hong Kong and China.

(3) Lee Cheung Kin joined the research in late 2004. He got video tapes and marketing literature from Dr. Liang Xingren. Dr. Liang had a patented invention in extracting gravitational energy from IC pulsed rotating cylinders. However, Dr. Liang did not have a theory to explain it.

(4) Lee and Tseung decided to work on a theory to explain the Liang Invention. Lee thought of the pulsed pendulum in December 2004. He woke Tseung up from the Hotel at 7:30 am. That was the start of the Lee-Tseung theory.

(5) The Press Release intended to announce Energy from Air was improved to include Energy from Gravity on December 20, 2004. Mr. Au Yang showed a videotape from Mr. Sung Tim Fat who had an invention that consisted of rotation of magnets. Mr. Sung thought that the energy from the permanent magnets was extracted to generate continuous energy.

(6) That explanation was obviously incorrect. However, the Sung devices confirmed that Gravitational Energy could be Lead Out. Lee-Tseung-Sung worked together to produce a flux change only invention.

(7) The series of inventions were classified in terms of generations. The five generations are:
(a) First Generation - Axle Vertical (400 watts)
(b) Second Generation - Axle Horizontal (20,000 watts)
(c) Third Generation - IC Pulsed Rotation (>120,000 watts)
(d) Fourth Gereration - No rotation but flux change only (Japan now have prototypes and gearing up for products)
(e) Fifth Generation - IC Pulsed Rotation in Magnetic Fields (Under development at Tsing Hua University)

(Cool The Lee-Tseung theory was extended from Pulsed Oscillation to Pulsed Vibration, Pulsed Rotation and to the Flying Saucer. The effective gravitational constant g can be changed. The Forever Yuen magnetic pendulum experiment confirmed that.

(9) Lee-Tseung went to the China Patent Office in Oct 2005 in Beijing to explain their patent applications. The Officials listened to the Lead Out Theory and accepted the applications. They mentioned a vigorous internal review and possible International Meetings.

(10) Lee-Tseung got invited to Tsing Hua University (that helps the China Patent Office to evaluate unusual claims such as the Perpetual Motion Machines). Lee-Tseung learned about the Invention of Wang Shum Ho and could explain it using the Lee-Tseung Theory.

(11) A group claimed that they represented the Chinese Government and had a 225 Horse Power Pulse Motor from USA. The Inventor had the invention for over 15 years but could not explain the source of energy. Lee-Tseung could explain it easily. Lee-Tseung brought that group to Tsing Hua University.

(12) The presentations at Tsing Hua went well. Lee-Tseung-Wang were invited as Guest Lecturers. However, the group with the 225 HP Pulse Motor was found not to represent the Chinese Government. (Tseung labeled them as CIA or the Like.)

(13) The decision was for Lee to concentrate on the Cosmic Energy Inventions in China and Japan. Tseung will do technology review and posting Internationally.

(14) Tseung, through the help of Gaby and others, found inventions such as that of Newman, Bedini, Milkovic, TPU, Chas Campbell etc. All such inventions seemed to be explanable by the Lee-Tseung theory.

(15) Tseung met the expected jeers and cheers with his posts. However, the posts got the attention of some senior Chinese Officials and they agreed to see the Wang Demonstration.

(16) That Demonstration resulted in the setting up of a RMB13 billion Company and Wang becoming a Vice President in June 2007.

(17) Lee-Tseung decided to follow the advice of the Wise Monk from Taiwan and disclose their knowledge to benefit the World. All patent rights were donated to China and its people. The technical information was emailed to all Nations via the email addresses at the United Nations Website.

Lawrence Tseung
Pulsed Actions from many sources Lead Out possible International Efforts.
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Sun Sep 16, 2007 12:20 am by ltseung888 View user's profile
Concept of CoP greater than 1 during the Pulse

The Lee-Tseung theory predicts that both gravitational and electron motion energy can be Lead Out via Pulse Force at resonance on oscillating, vibrating, rotating or flux change systems. The detailed mathematical proof is via the analysis of the simple pendulum during the application of a pulse force. The pulse force increases the tension of the string and Leads Out gravitation energy. For a horizontal pulse force, two parts of pulse energy can Lead Out approximately one part of gravitational energy. This gives a Coefficient of Performance (CoP or Output Energy/Input Energy) of 1.5 during the application of the Pulse. Some forum members did not appreciate the qualifying statement of during the application and thought that the Pulsed pendulum was a CoP =1.5 system as a whole.

This misunderstanding is corrected here:
(1) Let the time at which Pulse Force is applied be Tpulse
(2) Let the time of oscillation of the pendulum be Toscillation
(3) Let Tpulse be 1/100 of Toscillation. This represents the real case of pushing a swing and then let go. Most of the swinging time has NO pulse force.
(4) Let the system during the NO pulse force period be very efficient. Assume the CoP is 1.0.
(5) The overall CoP for such a system is not 1.5 and should be calculated as follows:
= 1.0 + (1.5 - 1)*1/100 (Spreading the higher efficiency over the total time)
= 1.0 + 0.005
= 1.005
(6) In the real world, the pendulum has CoP less than 1 during the NO pulse force period. Thus the net result of the real pulsed pendulum is less than 1.
(7) In order to get the real pulsed pendulum to exceed 1, we have to do one or more of the following:
a. Increase the number of pulses per unit time
b. Increase the pulse period
c. One practical way is to change the pulsed oscillation of the pendulum to the pulsed rotation of a cylinder.
d. With a pulse- rotating cylinder, we can increase the number of pulse points; increase the rotational speed; increase the mass at the rim; and increase the diameter of the cylinder to Lead Out the larger amount of gravitational energy.

Lawrence Tseung
Pulse Leads Out Energy only in its duration.
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Sun Sep 16, 2007 12:58 am by ltseung888 View user's profile
How to Pulse

How to Pulse:

One example is the Adam flow nemo’s Pulse Motor described on this same section of this forum. It uses the term Drive Coil to indicate that Current is passed to the Coil to change it to have Electromagnetic Properties. The central disc has permanent magnets and the interaction of the Drive Coil and the permanent magnets will cause rotation of the disc.

It uses the term Pickup Coil to indicate that electricity can be induced when the inner disc with permanent magnets rotates.

The Drive Coil and the Pickup Coil can be the same coil. (e.g. Newman motor) They can be different. (e.g. 225 HP Pulse Motor).

There can be different arrangement of the Magnetic Field. The Adam flow nemo’s Pulse Motor using disc with permanent magnets inside and small coils on the outside facing each other. The Newman motor has rotating permanent Magnets totally inside one large Coil.

The Adam flow Nemo’s Pulse Motor can rotate upto 4,000 rpm. If two Drive Coils pulse to rotate the disc, the number of pulses per minute is effectively 8,000.

Lawrence Tseung
Pulsed Rotation can Lead Out high Pulse Rate.
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Sun Sep 16, 2007 3:25 am by ltseung888 View user's profile
Example of a Pulsing Arrangement

Let me take one slice of the 225 HP Pulse Motor. It can generate 20 Horse Power or 15KW.

(1) It has 8 coils on the outer stationary disc and 8 permanent magnets all with N poles facing outwards in the inner rotating disc.

(2) The 8 coils can be Drive Coils and/or Pickup Coils. DC current is passed through the Drive Coils. This reduces the chance of demagnetizing the permanent magnets. (No AC current used but the voltage fluctuated.)

(3) The Pulsing frequency can be varied both manually and/or by program control.

(4) The Pulse force can be controlled by the amount of DC current to the Drive Coils.

(5) Energy can be drawn out via the Pickup Coils or via the torque on the Central Shaft.

(6) When the Axle is horizontal, both gravitational and Electron Motion Energy (magnetic in this case) are Lead Out. This was confirmed by tilting the axle. The Lead Out Energy changed only slightly.

(7) The program can sense the external load and reduce the input in many ways including:
(a) Reduce the current to the coils
(b) Change the frequency of the Pulse (e.g. halving the Pulse rate)
(c) Stop the current to one or more Drive Coils

(8 ) Joseph Newman has demonstrated many times that if the same coil is used as the Drive Coil and the Pickup Coil, the batteries appear to draw very little current. He thought that this back EMF was responsible for the "created Energy". The reality is Pulsed Rotation Leads Out Electron Motion Energy.

(9) The Feedback Mechanism of the Joseph Newman Machine is via the Pickup Coil (same as the Drive Coil) to recharge the batteries. There was no programmed control. The Feedback Mechanism of the slice of the 225 HP Pulse Motor has program control.

(10) After starting, the batteries can be taken out. Such a demonstration convinced many skeptical Physicists including many from the top Universities of USA for 15 years. However, they could not come up with a theory to explain the phenomenon.

(11) The Lee-Tseung Lead Out theory explained all observed effects with ease. It also pointed out the fact that higher rotational speed would Lead Out more Energy. However, the Pulsing Frequency must change correspondingly.

(12) Another fact pointed out by the Lee-Tseung theory was that the program must cater for sudden no load conditions (e.g. some one switched off the machine causing the external load to zero). Previously, this was not understood and equipment burnt out occurred.

Lawrence Tseung
Pulsing Control Leads Out successful implementation of the Pulse Motors
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Sun Sep 16, 2007 3:31 am by ltseung888 View user's profile
Confirming the Pulse Rotate Concept

One Professor asked, "If the Pulse Rotate Concept is correct, then any device causing Pulse Rotate should have similar effect."

The Liang IC Pulse Motor is a confirmation.

The Chas Campbell Electricity Magnifier is another confirmation. (to be verified by Ash et al)

The Tsing Hua University Electricity Magnifier is another confirmation.

Lawrence Tseung
Different Pulsing mechanism can Lead Out Cosmic Energy.
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Sun Sep 16, 2007 3:45 am by ltseung888 View user's profile
Engineers failed to see the Flywheel as Lead Out Device

One question often asked by skeptics is:

The Flywheel has been used for centuries. Engineers only considered it as Energy Storage Unit. They never considered it as Energy Lead Out Unit. What blinded them?

They wanted constant, steady rotation. Pulsing or Fluctuating Rotation was regarded as bad. Constant rotation WILL NOT lead out Energy.

They blindly believed and applied the CoE. They were never taught the Boat in Calm Water and Good Sunshine Scenario.

They never had the Lee-Tseung theory (publically disclosed via PCT patent information dtatbase on July 26, 2006).

*** The more shocking discovery of a Flying Saucer NOT requiring any ejection of hot gas or other material will come.

Lawrence Tseung
Believing unstead or pulsing rotation as bad Lead Out blinded engineers.
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Sun Sep 16, 2007 4:10 am by ltseung888 View user's profile
Pulsing and the Centripetal Force

Pulsing and the Centripetal Force

Let us assume that there is another outer ring with one permanent magnet.

(1) Is it possible for this permanent magnet to rotate on the outer ring?

(2) Is it possible for the centripetal force to be provided by the magnetic action of the coil?

(3) Is it possible to suddenly withdraw the magnetic action (e.g. slide the outer ring away)?

(4) Would the Magnet exhibit the "flying away in a tangential direction" tendency?

(5) Can multiple setups provide the controlled "propulsion without ejecting hot gases"?

*** Does that remind us of the John Searl SEG with multiple layered rings?

Lawrence Tseung
Withdrawing the Pulsing Centripetal magnetic force suddenly Leads out propulsion without ejecting hot gases.
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Sun Sep 16, 2007 4:13 am by ltseung888 View user's profile
Pausing for Comments

I shall pause for others to comment on the Lee-Tseung Theoretical Pulse Motor.

The information is to benefit the World. With infinite energy and flying saucer to come, there will be a New Order. We want this New Order to benefit all. THe New Order should not be survival of the fittest.
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