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using chess on magnetomechanics

With little success I've tried to explain my theories. This is as much caused by how bizarre they R as by how awful my explanation is.

In an effort to make things so bizarre things ends up full circle appearing as something else I would now like to explain how I think the permanent magnet motor is in fact available in the position on the board. We might not be in the advantage but the position is far from lost. Sure, Einstein would have ran away from the game long ago. I don't know about you but if I haven't lost yet I'm planning on winning. Running away is for losers. At least Einstein ran away based on conclusions derived from his own labor. Maybe Albert did have an insight into the game allowing him to see that it was lost, maybe I lack this insight. It's my opinion I should always respect the ability of my opponent to make weird moves. Nature is just about the weirdest opponent one could ever have a game with. Just stalling the game without making mistakes will eventually bring victory.

Anyone here who understands the game of chess on a reasonable level? I envision it would make it a lot less complicated to explain my theory and less complicated to understand and be an interesting thought experiment. Did I mention it doesn't cost anything? lol

using chess on magnetomechanics

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