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The nonsense of Plate Tectonics

Despite what's said about the objectivity of science the reality is quite otherwise. This is never more clearly illustrated than when a new idea comes along. For usually the difficult thing is not taking it on board (its logic is often compelling) but giving up the old beliefs that have become entrenched. What's more, the balance usually revolves around something extremely self-evident and simple. So self-evident and simple in fact that in retrospect once the change is made it is almost inconceivable how things could have been seen otherwise. For example in their day concepts such as Flat Earth ...Geocentric System and an Earth encapsuled in an inverted bowl-like firmament of stars were the products of the keenest minds, the cutting edge of contemporary thought. Today these ideas are seen as childishly naive and ludicrous, not just by scientists cognitive of the facts which support the logic for change, but also by an uninformed general public. There is a quality of proportion ('ratio', ...rationality), which demands to be taken into account and considered, and whose analysis is even within the grasp of a child. The dictates which make an idea acceptable in one era and unacceptable in another, lie in the accepted mores and beliefs of the time, which weave a complex of restrictions on the rational mind of the individual.
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