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The final secret of free energy

There have been many attempts at the final secret. Most of them arcane and complex and involving hideous maths. Well, like most things in nature, it actually turns out to be simple after all.

So simple that when it is finally proven to everyone's satisfaction, we'll be able to satisfy our energy needs for the next ten years just from the energy of so-called scientists kicking themselves!

Most researchers in OU seem to be hung up on one or another theory. Some are hamstrung by their own education. I'm not. I have read very far and very wide on this subject and I believe the answer is now becoming clear. Tesla of course knew the answer but he only teased everyone with it. His studies into radiant events started his thinking off but what he eventually discovered was much simpler.

Electricity isn't some mysterious substance that is set free from the aether by a radiant event or some other hocus pocus. Electricity is a vibration of the aether itself.

Cold electricity and hot electricity are the same thing. The only difference is the frequency. Cold electricity is high frequency AC. The reason it manifests during a radiant event such as caused by a sudden discharge of a capacitor is because such a shock causes the aether to resonate - like plucking a guitar string. The frequency of resonance is dependent only on the length of the conductor.

Just read that last sentence again.

Take a length of conductor and tap it electrically and it will resonate according to its length and the speed of light.

Wrap the conductor into an air cored coil (no iron because this will damp the resonance). Call it a secondary coil and wrap a simple primary around it and feed that primary with pulses at the right frequency (which can be half or even one quarter of the resonant frequency or probably any sub-harmonic) and the aether in the secondary will start to resonate.

It's like pushing a swing or tapping a pendulum.

Very soon that secondary will be producing large voltages and large currents and you'd better be connecting it to a load of some kind (unless you want to generate radiant events of course :-) ).

This is how the Tesla coil works. This is the big secret. It's that simple. The speed of vibration of the aether is the speed of light and if you resonate it in a conductor you can generate very big effects for very little effort.

That's it!

Now spread it all over the internet and lets see some real progress here!
The final secret of free energy

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