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dump car and operating mecanism

e. l. stoltzfus & l. b. miller
dump car and operating mecanism july 1909

This patent describes a cart that uses gravity to flip the carts over and dump their cargo while the carts remain in their track.

The beauty of such system is easy to see, it makes the task hundreds of parts simpler.

Our pallet system is no where near this efficient.

Take a normal passenger train for example, the combined weight of the people standing in the hallway should be more then sufficient to power the doors of the train. It doesn't take much more as using a set of good bearings. One can always add compressed air or an electrical system for backup or for some emergency. Don't have to use it, it just makes sure the stuff always works.

Then have the passengers figure out the door moves faster if they jump up and down.

A new urban resource. Finally a way to make money off all customers at 100% success rate, and a good reason to be extra nice to fat people. At 80 kg it would take 10 maybe 20 km of walking around the store to make a single dollar. But at 200 kg you can do it in less then 2 km. If you have 100 customers like that they only need to walk 10 meters.

You see? I also dig commerce like totally. If I want a lot of money I would need to trick everyone. You will handsomely reward me for any successful trickery I pull on you.

Everyone is already magnificently preconfused. So, to confuse you would be easy for me, for me it means I now have to find a new excuse for you to reward people for.

In the political sense you don't need anyone to do "important" loading and unloading works for you. We need A gravity powered dump cart system.

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