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What can we do to keep discussions positive to ensure an open dialog? - Yahoo! Answers Team Blog

Today is National Coming Out Day, the 20th anniversary of a march on Washington when more than 500,000 people took to the streets in support of gay and lesbian equality. In recognition of this day, some people will participate in a local event or college rally, while others contemplate making a declaration to a family member or friend. But the anxiety of anticipating the reactions of family and friends can be enough to put an end to the best-laid plans and intentions. Not everyone is comfortable with this topic, and the discussion sometimes leads to anger, fear, and acrimony.
Yahoo! 360° - Yahoo! Answers Team Blog ( - What can we do to keep discussions positive to ensure an open dialog?

ah, the yahoo techno nanny. Full assimilation includes social skills and basic acceptance. Organisms without those are just not beneficial for the yahoo robot. On of the comments on the blogposts mentions: "Yahoo is not a government entity". Officially it's not but doesn't government mean "to govern"? Doesn't governing make government? Are we not governed? "To exercise a deciding or determining influence on: 'Chance usually governs the outcome of the game.'"

Youtube has practically restored the democracy in the US. I much enjoyed the show.

Likewise Yahoo answers really controls the world. All it takes is for a few smart people to figure out how it works. :-) This is going to take a bit more as a few lines of php hehehe

....I send you feedback describing the exact answers service some time before you guys build it. But lets pretend there is no relation.

My next lesson/idea/suggestion was for you to turn yahoo answers into an enterprise solution. The market should range from small business up to big governments.

Here is the trick:

The questions asked on the answers client are forwarded onto yahoo answers site. Clicking a brand specific question makes the client's answers page show up. Content should be equally easy to navigate but will become much more contextual.

For example:

I visit yahoo answers and I click a question about Philips televisions. Now I end up on the Philips website looking at a yahoo answers module. The module has a link back to the index like #history(-1) only more modern. Philips can dress up the rest of their page with contextual info. Some businesses will answer each and every silly question, others will leave it up to the user, some will delete everything that isn't constructive. Every brand it's own dance.

I imagine a government would preform a great service to it's citizens by purchasing such service?

The overall quality of Q and A would improve thus encouraging people to ask more serious questions. Not to mention what useful things robonanny would learn about all of us. ;-)

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