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google-friends message #6

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This has to be the most ironic yahoo group there is. Back when it was called eGroups the page looked something like this:

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11:33 PM


Oct 99
Subject: Google-Friends Newsletter!
From: Larry and Sergey

Dear Google Friends!

Welcome to Vol. I, Issue 3 of the Google Friends newsletter! This
mailing contains the latest scoop about some hot new developments at
Google. We have some very exciting news to report, and we want to
share it with you!

In this issue:
1) New Feature: GoogleScout!
2) Website Redesign
3) Google Traffic Increases 88%!
4) Google Goodies
5) New Search Products
6) Business Partners
7) Want a job?
8) Google Gets Great Press
9) Feedback

1) New Feature: GoogleScout!

Google has introduced a new search feature called GoogleScout, which
offers a list of sites related to each search result! GoogleScout uses
advanced technology to make finding information and navigating the web
faster and easier. Google offers GoogleScout links with each returned
result. Clicking on GoogleScout will instantly provide you with an
additional list of urls that contain related information.

2) Website Redesign

Google has launched a redesigned, feature-enhanced version of our
website! With the launch of the new Google site and the introduction
of GoogleScout, Google completes a successful and widely publicized
beta test, which is based on more than three years of advanced
research at Stanford University's Computer Science Department. We
have gained a strong and loyal base of users over the past year, and
we currently support 3 million to 4 million searches a day. We want
to reassure fans of our beta site that our new website has been
designed to retain Google's clean, elegant and easy-to-use
interface. It offers revised content and a more intuitive navigational
structure. To enhance your search experience and to enable Google to
provide premium service, we will soon begin a trial run of highly
targeted and intelligent advertising. Please let us know what you
think of the changes!

3) Google Traffic Increases 88%!

Google topped the list of search engines that showed significant
month-over-month growth in unique audience size in July, according to
Nielsen//NetRatings results released in August. The
Nielsen//NetRatings report showed that while unique audience growth
for the Top Ten Portals/Search Engines in July increased only 2.1
percent, Google led the pack of search engines that show significant
growth by posting an 88 percent gain in unique visitors in July. The
Nielsen//NetRatings study was released Aug. 16, 1999 and monitors web
sites by property, domain, and unique site.

4) Google Goodies

You may now proudly enjoy high-quality clothes, accessories, and toys
that sport the name of your favorite search engine! Our redesigned
destination site features a link to a new Google Store. Google
Goodies offered include caps, t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts,
bumper stickers, and even those famous oversized rubber exercise balls
that double as chairs and can be found throughout the GooglePlex,
Google office headquarters.

5) New Search Products

We would like to announce two new search products for webmasters:
WebSearch and SiteSearch. WebSearch is a fully hosted search solution
that allows your visitors to conduct web searches on your site, with
the results delivered using your template, retaining the look-and-feel
and overall design of your web site. With SiteSearch, Google will
spider and crawl your own web site and provide your visitors with the
ability to search your own website's content in your own template.
WebSearch and SiteSearch are both services, not software packages.
So, Google handles all maintenance and technical support.

We will also soon launch the Google Affiliate program so you can put a
"Search the Web with Google" box on your website. Please visit the
"Linking to Google" page at <>
for more information. In the future, Google plans to offer an
incentive to Google Affiliates for each referral to the Google home

6) Google Momentum

Google has developed some exciting relationships with other businesses
over the past few months. In June, Netscape incorporated Google as the
fall-through search for Netscape Search, and now features Google as a
premier search provider on the Netcenter portal. Other Google business
customers include RedHat, Inc., a leading developer and provider of
open source Linux-based operating system;, the market
innovator for Web-based weather delivery; and Gobi, a leading
technology service provider.

7) Want a Job?

Looking for a start-up adventure? Google is the leading designer of
the next generation search engine. We are rapidly hiring talented
people to bring the latest and greatest technology to the web. Visit
<> for further details.

8) Google Gets Great Press

* Newsweek magazine

Staffers singled out Google as a favorite search engine in the
magazine's 9/20/00 Special Report edition on "e-Life: How the
Internet is changing America."

* Business Week e.Biz, 9/29/99

"Whether you're seeking obscure scientific data, or just the shortest
route to a corporate homepage, Google's approach produces magical

* USA Today Hot Sites, 9/27/99

Searching the Web just got easier - with the addition of a new feature
at the search service Google that hunts down related info. Whenever
you find a citation that looks interesting, just click on the
GoogleScout link and you'll get a list of associated stuff.

9) Feedback

We take user comments seriously and we always welcome suggestions. Drop us a
line at and let us know what you're thinking.


Larry Page, CEO and co-founder
Sergey Brin, President and co-founder
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google-friends message #6

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