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Oil is a HOAX!!

Digg - Inventor Of Water Powered Car Murdered

@ all saying it was false

As you can see the court case was a sham. Not only was the vehicle itself was locked under National Security Review during the time of trial which is why the court couldn't see the vehicle as asked. Also when they tested the fuel cell itself, it worked just fine and then, against stanley's wishes, they placed an "unknown" compound in the tap water and ran the tests again and then submitted those tests to the court with this "unknown" compound, they never submitted the results when it was running on plain tap water as it was originally tested on.

Just read the link and learn the case was a sham and his invention worked. Even if it was investors who poisoned him for "lying" why would they steal all his equipment and the dune buggy and such?
Digg - Inventor Of Water Powered Car Murdered

Look at the screaming imbiciles on Digg.

Notice how they whirl off into applauding nuclear energy.

Even "who killed the electric car" is fully dismissed as propaganda.

You pay close attention to the number of votes.

If you are clearly not interested in a topic. Then why would a person go down the entire topic and vote positively on every single NEGATIVE contribution?

It's sad to hear some one was murdered. - 7 diggs!!

Digg is powered by facism!!

The number of comments that can be directly realted to personal agenda's is astonishing.

One guy asks how they can call him an inventor and a con artist at the same time.

I guess you now know the answer to that question!

You cant get patents on electrolysis but the kids on digg think this is a highskool chemistry topic!

He got his patent after displaying a working model, his patent was then locked away under the national securty act!

If you are still screaming HOAX at this point you should really be paying 100 times as much for your gass as you already do. People should say you are crazy when you complain about it. It's what you asked for idiot!

Oil is a HOAX!!