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New and improved magnetmotor conspiracy theory.


To all whom it may concern be it known that I, Gaby de Wilde, artist, subject of the Dutch Queen, of Dutch nationality, a citizen of the independent monarchy of the Netherlands governed by members of the House of Orange Nassau, residence of Enkhuizen, in the Province of North-Holland the Kingdom of the Netherlands, have invented certain new and useful Improvements of the magnetmotor conspiracy theory I hereby declare ofwhich the following specification to be a full, clear and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same.


After in depth research and using all my credentials as well as skills in order to establish your opinion on as much reality as you desire to have of such subject it could not escape my attention that time travel is a topic that lends it self for as much research as the history of mankind. When in doubt of my topic I always start my research with an excessive investigation of the previous art thus therefor as a result thereof and so on I had to come to the conclusion there was obvious huge abnormality in the story lines, most had less to do with another as the few. But the few existed neverthenontheless, thus therefor allowing me to see that part of the data that did fit the majority of the theories and stories assuming there is such a thing. The facts seem obvious, time travel can only happen by ripping 2 holes into the fabric of this universe so that one can fit something though. This is obviously done by accelerating a small effect to a nivue on which it increases enough to do the task. Creating unlimited energy with magnets is obviously very easy so we can only wonder what happened with all of those inventions. If they all worked then where have they gone? The answer is obviously in the timespace torsion field. Even if they just slowed down time a bit it would be as if they disappeared overnight. The ability to travel forwards in time would also appear to us as if nothing happened. They all traveled to the future and 2007 obviously didn't look space enough to them. The evidence is overwhelming!


For relativistic rocketery[1], You need a field to "propel" the ship and to push away incoming rubbish, a second field to prevent the payload from slamming into the walls and creating a comfty livin enviro and field generator No. 3 (the biggest) holds the parts of the craft in place. You don't have to fly the apparatus in a straight line, circles work just fine but they need to be big enough to maintain homogeneous time-space as humans are not fit to be multidimensional. Devices as well as other life forms can just travel on the spot using much smaller appliance. But it's unlikely for a Human to make any sense from such experience.


[1] - The Relativistic Rocket -

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