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Doctor of Invention: Don't Have Any Great Ideas- Don't Brainstorm - "Edgecraft" Instead

One of my most favorite role models -- Seth Godin -- teaches that the best way to find new ideas is via a process called "edgecraft." According to Seth, edgecraft is a methodical, measurable process that allows individuals and teams to identify inexorably the soft innovations that live on the edges. It can be done quickly or over long periods of time. And you can even do it by yourself (Seth's does his edgecraft in the shower, I do mine when I go on very long walks late at night.

Seth's edgecraft is a straightforward process:

  1. Find an edge--a free prize that has been shown to make a product or service (in someone else's industry) remarkable.
  2. Go all the way to that edge--as far from the center as the consumers you are trying to reach dare you to go.
Seth says that brainstorming might create the occasional breakthrough, but edgecraft can inexpensively and quickly churn out lots of ideas--good ideas and sometimes great ideas. Ideas you can rapidly implement. If people aren't blown away, they won't talk about it. If they don't talk about it, then it doesn't spread fast enough to help you grow.

There are hundreds of available edges--things you can add to, subtract from, or do to your product or service. Here are a few to consider.

Technology. Moore's Law says that every 18 months, the power of computer chips you can buy for a dollar doubles. This opens two kinds of opportunity. The first is at the cutting edge. Xbox and PlayStation pack supercomputer power into video-game machines. If you could add a supercomputer to your product or service, what would it do? The second approach is to take advantage of the cheap part of the curve. Yesterday's technology is always (much) cheaper. The latest innovation: The $11 digital camera. If computer chips were a penny, how would you use them?

Design aesthetic. Design is the single highest-leverage investment you can make. A well-designed product is usually cheaper to make and service than what you're doing now. It will also improve sales because people notice it and talk about it. Not only the user interface but also the entire user experience is now dictated by design. Of all the edges I know, embracing amazing design is the easiest, the fastest, and the one with the most assured return on investment.

According to Seth, A 9-year-old can do edgecraft. While the edges always change, the process never does:

  1. Find a product or service that's completely unrelated to your industry.
  2. Figure out who's winning by being remarkable.
  3. Discover what edge they went to.
  4. Do that.

Crest figured out how to make money with remarkably cheap electric toothbrushes. What if companies such as Gillette or Henckels or Oster or Braun or Playtex or Toro or Sony decided to go to the same edge in their industry?

Don't copy the specific tactics. Figure out how you can get to the same edge but in a different way.

Try to edgecraft -- it should lead to remarkable ideas for new medical devices.
Doctor of Invention: Don't Have Any Great Ideas- Don't Brainstorm - "Edgecraft" Instead

haha, I don't have any problems with inventing things it's the other way around for me, I just cant get them to the market because I'm already inventing something else.

I found this spiral to travel FAR FAR FAR FAR beyond credible innovation.

I'm like floating on a layer of things everyone else thinks are not real.

Come down to earth? LOL!

No, I'm going to use the stepping stones what they are for and see how far I can get!

From up here (ehm! lol) It's easy to see why you are doing incredibly important work with your book.

To put it ironically, I cant begin to describe how important your work is because I'm not a medial expert. Legally I'm not even allowed to give any substantial opinion.

I'm not a medical expert like Royal Raymond Rife, Bjorn Nordstrom, Hulda Clark or Lorraine Day.

I'm just an inventor, fascinated by the things around me and the history of how they came to be.

Electromedicine was banished to quackland along with herbal medicine, hypnosis, meditation and acupuncture.

To put it bluntly, by the time we need surgery we have already lost a battle we didn't have to fight to begin with.

As a non medical non expert I cant claim Cancer is a deficiency disease can be prevented and cured quite easily.

But Hoxley did win his trial under a corrupt government against a corrupt medical establishment.

As a non expect I can laugh about "The quack who cured cancer" as laud and as often as I like.

Royal R Rife accomplished far more amazing things.

Let me explain the weird way I got into the topic.

I'm researching the perpetual motion devices and free energy machines people constructed (and claimed to have) over the years.

Their history goes thousands of years back. A Chinese war ox being the oldest fuel-less machine I found so far. It was made by the same man who invented the hot air balloon, even today that should provide sufficiently impressive credentials.

On my research quest I couldn't escape the work of John Searl who claims to have build self powered levitating disks and claims to have shown them to people from all over the globe. People support his story but the media won't let the footage out.

In order to be able to investigate the credibility of John Searl's claims I listed them and chose the one that struck me as the weirdest of all.

He claimed people got rid of their illnesses arround his devices. He didn't make much of a fuzz of it but he did make it clear it was worth mentioning.

In my credibility analysis I had to conclude John was risking what little credibility he had left by even mentioning this. I could only conclude he really believed it himself.

After looking at the documented history of the Rife Frequencies and the Robbert Beck's devices I can fully detach John Searl from his claim.

The Searl generator runs on the same frequency as leukemia. If humans can build perpetual energy sources then we can safely assume micro organisms and any other evolved microbial evil agent may utilise the same. If the wave fields from the machine can shatter a virus has to be the same frequency set. Here "May use the same" becomes "has to be the same". It's not something one can question. Don't need math, don't need research, can just accept the facts for now.

The North-pole of A static magnetic field already improves blood oxynating. :-) You didn't hear that from me either but from Paracelsus.

I cant blame John Searl for rediscovering this? There are lots of others. I also find other people who claim a lack of B17 causes cancer. Then they disappear the same way as Hoxley, Beck and Rife?

Consistant disapearance without real refutation of the claims. This while it should be easy to test a technology. Peole have, the claims remained unrefuted.

Take stuff like silver colloids. People used those thousands of years ago. I would go as far as to say it was the only application of electricity back then.

We know this is the ultimate antibiotic but we don't apply it because there is no patent and it destroys other patented technologies.

Lets start with the way we "clean" drinking watter. There are perfectly good mechanical methods to clean watter in the same way nature does. Those chemicals mixed into the drink all qualify as toxic waste. It's a very good way to get ill.

Weak and ill cattle makes weak and ill food. I'm investigating the use of cows as a means of generating energy like we did in 1700. Me and .... nobody else on this planet. haha People think it's a weird idea but we did it for thousands of years. Who is kidding who? I claim this meat that never walked is not good enough for me. I deserve better. lol

While writing this I invented the ultimate medical apparatus.

here is a picture of it

All we have to do is put a sticker with a white cross on it. Can apply em directly and sell them on subscription also. :-) What do you think? Are we in business? lol

Ok but seriously, here is a video of a Rife experiment.

Rife-Bare Plasma Experiment Destroys Organism

Looks real enough to me. How is he faking it? lol?

my regards,

gaby de wilde

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