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the self-feeding body

I have no idea if this concept was ever seriously explored. I started thinking about this idea when I learn about the way flogs reproduce (age 5 I think lol) I hear cats eat those eggs some times but if they eat to much of it the mass of the eggs grows so rapidly in volume the cat has to puke from it. As a kid I thought it was interesting. There was nothing wrong with the food but the cat puked anyway. Apparently the cat has a hard time getting the actual size of the snack right.

Today it makes me think we could create the right fauna inside our body (stomach) to be able to drastically reduce the need for food or even remove it entirely. Layered micro sponges with each inner layer having more expansion and more nutrition. Say it would need to expand a thousand times to get the right size/nutrition ratio. It would mean A small bit of food could continue to expand for years!

Potato bread is the best example I can think of right now. You can fit a bag of potatoes into an extremely small loaf. I didn't believe what I seen there.

It doesn't take years to digest lol but eating the volume of a snickers bar would give your stomach something to do for at least 24 hours. For me A normal volume meal (something heavy like beans) would be at least 6 times the size of this. Such plate would not give me the feeling I overate like the tiny bread did.

If some agent was added to slow down expansion a person would be able to eat enough not to go hungry for a week.

This should not create a health problem but leave more time to eat fruit, seeds and nuts.

If the bread is slowly digested we can add supplements which would normally be quite cumbersome for people to take. Like a daily vitamin C dosage. There are various kinds of medical implementations to slowly distribute a substance.

Feeding the poor on the world is a logistic nightmare. They need to be accelerated into modern day life or they will over reproduce. Make them greedy enough to have just 2 kids. lol

Feeding people 365 times per years is some what harder as 50 times. Don't forget we spend hours per day at feeding rituals and cleaning up after those. By the time you are done eating it's already time to eat again?

We feel the urge to eat but we don't need half as much as we stuff down our faces. This technology would open the door for food to become entertainment. It would justify having a big salad for dinner or just a steak with nothing else.

A slowly growing blob of food. :-) We learn from the cat it's not dangerous, you will just throw up if you eat to much.

I also read a story about some alien planet where the people eat 1 small fruit when they feel weak. One time per month would be a lot.

All the way down to earth we assume it's fake jet the writer was able to imagine it. This means you can imagine it to. Which means we can also think about it, research it and we can have as much different results as we like.

At the moment we have people market stuff to our instincts, lets not give them what they want. hehehe That looks like a delicious hamburger Ronald, but no thanks I'm not hungry. lolzz

A hereby announce the era of high-grade fuels. :-)

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