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Vrije-energiemo tor LEGO

Vertical Motor

Twelve roller mock up of the SEG

torbay testing

Torbay Replication Multiple magnet rotor

Torbay replication (no ramp as yet)

torbay Ramp Problems

Torbay Hybrid seesaw

Torbay Hybrid Motor , SeeSaw?

The wheel of Samsara

The Mushroom Speaks

The Magnetic Wankel Engine concept

The Challenge

The 225 HP Pulse Motor

test motor running see speed

Stirling-mootto ri - Stirling engine

Steorn Toy or 90 Degree Magnetic Rule

Steorn Q1 Update

Steorn promo video

Steorn Presentation 4

Steorn Power on Fox News Interview

Steorn Low energy Actuator

Steorn Free Energy Report

Steorn - BBC4 Radio Interview

Steel shields don't work

Spire View

SpaceShip Man

Soylent Green is Ridiculous!!!!

Solenoid motor of my own design.

Simulating the Minato Wheel - Vertical View

Simulating Minato Wheel - position magnets

SEG voltage controlled demonstration

SEG - The next step. April 2007

second motor in testing

Searl and Newton Part 2

Searl and Newton Part 1

Running on Water 2

Running on Water 1

RotoVerter demo

Rotary magnetic fields

Relative movement between conductors and magnetic fields

quadratic magnetic gate

Pulse Motor (Fast Motor Explosive Results) 048

PT 3: Arrays of supermagnets: Bar magnet and compass

perpetual motion machine

Perpetual Motion - Leonardo Da Vinci

Permanent Magnet-Linearbe schleuniger V1,1

Permanent Magnet Motor -

Perendev and Bedini motors

Paul Pantone Plasma Reactor Motor

Part1a Pulse Motor

Oscillating coils

One roller mock up of the SEG

new motor

NBC WAVE TV 3 News Video Aquygen HHO Water Fuel Breakthrough

may 2007

Magnetic spiral

magnetic motor see power

magnetic motor idea

Magnetic motor idea ( indaylight)

Magnetic Motor Bike

Magnetic Gate

Magnetic accelerator

Magnet Motor - magnet powered back scrubber - Vid2

Magnet motor


Lutec Overunity Motor 362%

Levitron: lo más parecido a la antigravedad

Joecell Free Energy 9

Joecell Free Energy 8

Joecell Free Energy 6

Joecell Free Energy 3

Joecell Free Energy 19

Joecell Free Energy 14

Joecell Free Energy 13

Joecell Free Energy 12

Joecell Free Energy 11

Joecell Free Energy 10

Joe Cell with Rapidly Dissappearing Bubbles

Joe Cell Free Energy Phenomena

joe cell 6 cyl free energy

Interesting Effect (Possible OverUnity?)

In the name of man

Golden Spiral = Water fuel Joe Cell


Fuel from Water H2O

Free Energy Magnetic Rotation Gimmick from Billy Meier case

free energy gravity wheel

free energy elemental rod generator video 2

free energy elemental rod generator video 1

first prototype

Expert independent verification and discussion Clip 1

Expert independent verification & discussion Clip 2

Endless Free Magnetic Energy Neil Cavuto Fox News Network

eb breaks silence and Shares the Knowledge of Boonsburg Egg

Dual rotor flux switching motor.

Device v2

Craigy's Steorn Toy Tester

Clean solar energy

Believe machine

Bedini SSG Self-runner

Ball rolling in circle by Permanent Magnets (Video 1)

Ball rolling in circle by Magnets (Video 2)

An investor watches the improved 'mock-up' running at 200rpm

5 cyl joe cell

4 cyl joe cell

3 cyl joe cell

2€ coin as a homopolar motor

10 - Oscillating Stator Permanent Magnet motor.

02- Modified Steorn concept Magnetic Motor test

01 - Steorn concept Magnetic Motor test
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