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Rise of the machines

Rise of the machines

The machine is defined by its function,
the machine only exist to serve function
the machine without function has no purpose.

Function can be meaningful or contrived,
function existing on the back of other
functions, existing as the primary objective,
as a niche, unnoticed as a secondary means
to support some asteria end.

The perfect machine, will be machine made,
defined as a product of the numbers, manlike
but without his soul. Manlike but with all
thought replaced by some plausible excuse
for a mind.

This machine will be programmed to serve
circumstance. A series of plausible, yet
contrived circumstance will determine its

This new machine will pursue its function
with no respect of the other functions served
by other machines. Existing to satisfy self,
the purpose of its instructions will count as
nothing to its own goals. Routine will dominate.
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You don't even need a computer for it. We write down a company policy and if the company doesn't need your services anymore you go with the trash. Businesses have been serving their self interest trough out history. The machines never serve us, we are their slaves we have always been....

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