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Entry for June 03, 2100

LoL, with each post my blog changes subject.

I have a lot of ideas and I can be really lazy about them this leaves me little time to finish anything.

So I will make the big mistake of sharing some so that I have more time for other stuff. hahaha

I did my share of research on what to research and picked "looking for ways to import things on the web" for subject to research a bit by.

Taking and publishing pictures and typing a text with a mobile device has more creative potential than anyone could imagine. Using my computer makes me write about using a computer. Posting from the train station makes me write about that. The entrys will not just appear really really fast, they will also be of better quality.

Not to mention that I'm always far behind with posting pictures taken with my camera. Still have to post about 1500 at the moment.

I can speed type but always remove most of my blog entry to keep it short. I will need a qwerty keyboard to do this with a mobile device or my writing will suffer (deleting a text that took time to type sounds painful) so I didn't really find the device jet. But still looking.

I ordered a Sony Ericsson K500i to use it like a normal camera. I will upload the photos to the pc first because I can't turn the pic into a real post with the thing.

I now think pictures work best as illustrations with a text. Text with a picture is far less interesting. Text is more "able to describe the subject".  I post 500 pictures to a blog at a time it's like a guarantee no-one will look at all (of them).  I guess we like to read things after viewing 5-30 pictures. Posts lack content.


Now that I got the importing to the web figured out a bit I started thinking about how to export the stuff. "What can one make from a  blog?".   rss is nice but it ain't worth anything? A few weeks later I now think it would be really really awesome to create a magazine from our blogs with authors from all over the world. Lets imagine we put 500 posts from 500 blogs in our magazine each month and we would all pay to have the thing published. We can arrange to officially print it locally and give away/sell subscriptions to that magazine we write in. That would make the subscription really cheap. Our goal is to publish not to profit.

I know my marketing, there is nothing like a good product. This product is just like any other mag we read only now it's partially payed for by the writer. There will be a lot of different editions (think political -, tech -, travel -, personal blogs, even rant?). A lot of great writings in horrible Engrish from all over the world. It would look so cool on my coffee table!

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