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The 5 cc cadilac

tadchem wrote:
I can't seem to find any information online wherein they address these points.

Maybe it helps if you tell us what do you intend to do with the information? There is a whole list of things you can do first to a vehicle to make it run more efficient. No offense but you can at least read up on the stuff you have faith in. Quite a number of people have build fuel savings kits.

You can have an operational research project earning money in say 2 hours? Instantaneously you will find yourself looking for the best method to construct an electrolysis cell. At that same moment you understand how silly it is to pretend everything has the same potential. This imaginary dead end with that fixed number doesn't really exist in the real world.

If you just want to hear crazy numbers you seach for "Paul pantone", "GEET", "plasma reactor", "Fuel Pretreater",794,601
Fuel pretreater apparatus and method - Google Patents

Barleduc the paraplu!
Pantone Reactor Equipped Lawn Mower

yeah, it would be great to have some hard data on the pepsi

Remember to share it when you find it ok? :-)

nice - i'm sorry i have been ignorant of geet until now.

i especially like this quote taken directly from the source offering
email classes on how to build a geet engine for $2,500

"We have now learned that down is the same as South in relationship to
using a compass, and therefore North is up."

besides watching a video of running a lawnmower with ketchup and
mustard doesn't seem to answer the question of whether or not it's
okay to use energy to do work without being able to measure its

Good point, yes we leave the direct safty as well as the future of mankind up to highschool dropout inventors, it kind-a means we are doomed.

Pauls was JUST "crazy" enough to combine a carburetor with an exist. He didn't know what would happen, he was just curious.

From that point on it's the job of the scientific community to figure out what great gift Santa has labeled their names onto. It was quite delusional from the scientific community (read 'the collective') at large to think their window of opportunity would remain open for ever. Apparently they had also forgotten how much the rest of mankind looks up to their detailed analysis.

In some TV show here they took a 2500 euro ring to various shops to ask what it was worth. The offers ranged from 50-150 euro.... Aviation took the lion share of motor car business.... It seems the GEET was pre-ratted worthless just like the aircraft?

What it would mean to the oil industry? Demand would drop by 90%, monopoly would disappear, prices would drop then people shall trade and invest based on future expectations. The whole industry will disappear in one day.

So if you have that rare quality called an open mind and maybe some skills some funding or some toolshop you may find others capable of self-thought having complimentary skills. Hundreds of millions you will earn within a year of success if your effort is sufficient. Others are also reading this, most will give up without trying but you won't be alone in the race. The market has the same spectrum as many others.

I'm personally just playing with the though.

Take a normal car and add one or more high voltage electromotors and a few supper caps in stead of batteries. Those are not very big at all, should be more then enough space to add them. Can even get hub motors I assume. Any engine has it's ideal speed the caps can charge or discharge above and below.

Just don't put batteries on it use the caps and motors only for accelerating and optionally for breaking.

Then put a GEET plasma reactor on the vehicle, I imagine making it's own fuel will drain it's power a bit, I'm just guessing tho. But if paul could get 180 mpg the regenerative breaking may push it to 300 or even a thousand. :-)

Furthermore, we may utilize a much smaller engine with a really large flywheel.

Such flywheel will allow the vehicle to drive at speeds that can not be reached with just a small engine, if it's really big it can maintain such speeds for a very long time.

Perhaps my most silly suggestion of all, or my only silly suggestion is to engineer the car so that the engine remains running 24 hours per day.

Would have to use a really small engine or the flywheel wouldn't fit inside the vehicle.

If you have a constant lifestyle driving 2 times 50 km per day 5 days out of 7 then the right engine and the right flywheel can be tuned to bring you there at unimaginable small fuel cost.

Half an hour driving 9 hours charging half an hour driving 14 hours charging.

so 12 hours per half hour and 24 hours per hour.

Using a flywheel the engine may be down to 1/24 of the normal size required to drive.

In case of over usage the electro motor can be used to speed up the flywheel.

The supper caps can also be charged in seconds.

You plug it in the wall and 30 seconds later it's a dot on the horizon again.

The mass of the flywheel is made up of super caps engines, gear boxes and fuel tanks. We furthermore charge the stuffs utilizing the piezo electic Ærodynamic flutter effect. And the ambient vibrations of the vehicle it self as described in my paper below.
Ambient dynamo for vehicle.

The combustion engine is getting awfully small at this stage. It may now become interesting to apply a solar panel and utilize ambient heat gradients to propel a bi-metal motor and/or expansion silo in order to preserve constant-motion indefinitely.

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