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Walter Russell

Russell has written many books on the topic and as far as the cell research is concerned, negative electricity has a very good ( and very difficult to comprehend ) write up in his book " The Universal One ". Some of his thoughts on the different types of electricity. * Positive electricity is the generative electricity. Positive electricity is that state of motion in which electricity dominates magnetism. Positive electricity is that state of motion in which centripetal force dominates centrifugal force. * Negative electricity is the radiative energy. Negative electricity is that state of motion in which magnetism dominates electricity. Negative electricity is that state of motion in which centrifugal force dominates centripetal force. * Electricity and magnetism exist as separate appearances only when opposed. In non-opposition they disappear, they become one. * Electricity and magnetism are not two separate forces, nor are they two separate substances. They are merely two different dimensions of motion. They belong solely to motion and not to substance. * Neither are positive and negative electricity two kinds of electricity. Positive and negative electricity are but two differing potential%u2019s of the same force which must move in opposite directions.

(1871- 1963), is a controversial figure in physics and cosmogony. He posited that the universe was founded on the unifying principle of rhythmic balanced interchange. Although a number of his books have been published, few of his claims have been verified by mainstream academics.Bio

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