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finding the dream

I had a dream about this car last night. Sure enough - Here it is . My Wind powered car had a windmill transformer that could be erected during the time it was in parking lot. Aquiring energy as it was parked. Great Idea for TEXAS. It blows like crazy here. This added energy would help you with your 31 mile problem. I also had a generator (where my radiator is) so while I am driving - I am making energy. I dreamed this all up. You have the prototype. If this helps - send me one. Good luck! JoAnn Gilbertson in Corpus Christi Texas. These are the cars for the "Babyboomer" meandering around retirement communities. Dont let anyone tell you - you cant. YOU CAN! 330 people turn 60 every second.
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Creating the dream is easy, putting it on the blog for the world to find is also easy. But to be able to find it again is a monsterous task.

I will never be able to figure out how much of my many ideas have contributed to this thought posted above.

But the initial dream was that one should not look indepth into one technology first, rather one should look what complimnets something else.

It's like a chess game only the peaces never leave the board, the motion always goes arround and around.

We have all looked in amazement at the ram implosion wing vortex spoiler have we not?

After being rejected as an XPrize contestant for an unproven Gravitic propulsion concept and told repeatedly by the skeptics that my technology goes against fundamental physics, I realized that I needed a way of proving once and for all that I had a viable technology so I decided to install the Ram-Implo-Wing onto the roof of my van.

I knew the wing was going to work but what I had no way of knowing was that by placing the Ram-wing onto the roof of my van that it would increase my fuel mileage 2-x above normal. After a little tweaking of the wing I added a set of elevated wing-lets as well as special texture (similar to the texture of golf ball) to the wing and I obtained 3-x above my normal fuel mileage.

After several years of R&D prototyping different types of Ram-Implo-Wings I have developed the technology into a kit for the Do-It-Yourselfer.

I know without a doubt that you will enjoy building this very educational wing kit not to mention the savings in fuel cost by building a unit that will save you money. That’s right, this project will pay for itself in no time.
Build Your Own Experimental Ram-Implosion-Wing!

He was already concidered a crazy froud before he put it on his van. He reverse engineered the wing from a statue! It looks more like he is such inventor that even I have to scratch my head. It's okay as he had to scratch his own some what at 300% milage.

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