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cold electricty

Etheric power is the power source of the future. Until recently, only a handful of researchers have understood how to tap it. For over one hundred years, there have been persistent rumors that a number of brilliant inventors had succeeded. These included Dr. Nikola Tesla, Dr. T. Henry Moray, Edwin Gray, Sr., and more recently, Paul Baumann in Switzerland. Each reported, and showed hundreds of eyewitnesses, a "cold" form of electric power that could be produced with relatively simple equipment. This natural energy form can be gathered directly from the environment (mistakenly called "static" electricity) or extracted from ordinary electricity by the method called "fractionation." Radiant Energy can perform the same wonders as ordinary electricity, at less than 1% of the cost. It does not behave exactly like electricity, however, which has contributed to the scientific community's misunderstanding of it. Radiant

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