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Bob Boyce Smack Booster Replications

Several Smack Booster replicators are reporting similar 40-60% increases in their mpg when using the system as a booster to their gas fueled engines. These increases require adjustments to Oxygen sensors in modern cars to compensate for HHO gas utilization. Many systems will regard the extra O in the fuel mix as a too lean condition and force more gas fuel into the engine which negates the gains from using Hydroxy. This scenario accounts for many reports of no gain at all, to as little as 10-20% increase in mileage in contrast to the 40-60% mileage increases reported by several. It seems that fuel/air sensors and electronics are the source of the variation in performance results. The groups offer numerous workarounds for these problems. The upshot of all these things, is that the Water Car era seems to be upon us. At least the "Do It Yourself"-ers have found significant answers for themselves in these groups.
Bob Boyce System Replications Reporting 40-60% mpg Increases

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