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submarine communication ELF frequencies

This unique communication system is designed to transmit short alerting messages to submarines operating far below the ocean surface. The ELF frequencies used, in the 40–80 Hz range, were selected for their long range signal propagation (i.e., global) and ability to penetrate seawater to depths several hundred feet below the surface. In addition to the inherent covertness this communication system provides, it also provides the submarine Commanding Officer with operational flexibility to remain at required mission depth and speed. The ELF communication system is used as a “bellringer” to notify the submarine crew to come shallow to copy a higher data rate broadcast (e.g., SSIXS). At present, POM funding is provided for two site ELF operation.

This is what has become of Nicola Tesla global wireless energy system. It's now a system specially dedicated for talking about killing people out of the water. We've allowed it for our means of obtaining freedom to become the tools of our enslavement...

In stead of getting something for free you will now get blown away for asking about it.

This is what technology is mainly used for.

Your car is exactly the same as 30 years ago.

Your bicycle is exactly the same as 150 years ago.

And your house , well that is exactly the same as 100 000 years ago.

The technology that allows leaders to instruct their population how to feel and think is much much much older as that. Today you not just know very little about it's implementations. Today we are so advanced you would deny the whole thing exists.

The only thing left for me to do is to look how people are happy to accept their enslavement.

It's not hard to see it get worse and worse.

We went from fully self supporting to fully dependant consumerists.

The humans on this planet get non of the production, they only get food if they can produce labor.

You don't own a chicken but have to work to get eggs.

Nothing on this planet is actually yours at any stage of the game.

That's how advanced we are.

The game is rigged all the way up to limiting lifespan....

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