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asteroid Eros is a giant bone

People seem to make it their business to make effort at not understanding me. I know how it works. Let me give you an example. To me This looks like a bone. This does not mean I think it is a bone. It means what it means. To me it looks like a bone. Things are not the way they seem. Things are what they are. When I say it looks like a bone to me I do not owe anyone any kind of explanation of any kind. I do not have to apologize for speaking my mind. Some people think saying something like this means the person is crazy, and when a person is labeled as crazy it's their task to keep telling them that. But they are such uninspired people that they are to off-this-world to see the difference between an observation and the real world.

So they have created this reality that exists out of nothing but their own observations. They never actually make anything because the assumption is just as good as the real thing for them. The mere thought of giant space creatures makes them furious up to a point where they literally outspew Vesuvius. Immediately they subscribe the author to their own believe systems. When Gaby says: "it looks like a giant chunk of bone" Then Gaby must believe: "it is a giant chunk of bone" Why would one even bother to mention the difference between how things look and what they are? As-in "looks-like" does not mean "it-is" in my book. I now feel as if I'm apologizing for not being a a brain dead moron.

I'm so inspired I can see large chunks disappear when ever I talk with this kind of persona. Just running away from them would be pathetic, everyone else tried that that's why the monkey people are still running the show.

There is a puzzle here for me to fix. Trying to reason with them is barely possible. They will use what ever you say to further insult me. As if I'm subscribed to their behavioral course! ROFL!!

Ok good, I think the banana shaped space bone might be part of a claw. It would be incredibly hard to guess the anatomy of a space creature that size. Then again it may not even be the most interesting asteroid to apply the theory to.

My point would be to-have those perhaps bizarre looking speculations. They are that what make the sensible things happen and they are that what defines sensible. If you fail to allow the definition of things you will have non in stead. The moment peeps make it my problem in stead of avoid it I will make fun of how uninspired they are.

Sure it's me against the rest of the internet kinda. But you have lost battles before, ideally you are totally uninspired and lack all effort. So I suggest you all shut up and start dreaming, then get a fucking life and live that dream.

Got that morons?


No I don't want to hear your bullshit about how hard things are.

You are to die trying!

Care to bother to care about yourself and take a close look at your own looking happily after till the end of time.

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