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mind over masses

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Laughing is very good for you. If I can make a single person laugh with my creation or even my presence I concider it a success.

On Dec 15, 7:34 pm, Ryan Cousineau <> wrote:
Gaby, you may consider yourself a great success.

I guess it's my personal vendetta against people who are totally uninspired and think their lack of inspiration and creativity is something they should force upon others.

I know their corporate agenda's. I know vested interests have done everything in their power to prevent you from thinking for yourself. You had piles of skool books perpetuating the lies.

Their ultimate nightmare would be for you to figure out what your quantum computation mind can really do. ghehehe

Lets compare that what we call channeling or oracles with that what we call biology. Just for laughs. Then I see evolutionists describe descending from apes. And I see oracles explain to us that we are ET's genetic modification experiment.

Yes, makes you giggle don't it? But all prejudgements aside now. We today have genome so we know a lot more as we did a few years ago.

And lo and behold everything points at genetic modification. hahahahahaha

Should you not give the remote viewers credit for this?


Why not?

Should you continue your monkey tail?


But why?

Dogma or Data, what will it be boys and girls?

You want more evidence?

OK, lets say you chose one of the 2.

Remote viewing has a lot going against it and evolution has nothing going for it.

Could it be that the dishonest people 1) won't listen 2) will declare your insanity 3) will never listen to you ever again 4) will continue to describe you as a nutcase until long after your death 5) make your nuttersness the main subject of all your discussions.

And this doesn't have the words DISHONEST written all over it?

Crazy is a word, it describes a point of view. Of course I'm crazy from where you are sitting. It's much like you all appear as zombies to me. It's hardly something I can blame you for as an individual.

1 in 100 care about this planet, they want to do things to make it a beautiful place. But with the other 99 laughing at them I have to agree it's a rather stoopid thought all this love peace and happiness. huhuhu!! It's obviously never going to happen with people like you around. HA! What was they thinking right? lolzzzz

But it's good of me to give you an opportunity to laugh in the face at such effort. It sure beats laughing behind peoples back? See? I have already made you better people.

You are not in controll of anything you do you see. HAHAHAHAhaha aha ah a

If we would be able to put all the claims on paper you would laugh much harder at Victor Schauber's vortex technology as you would at any channel or medium.

A medium is just roughly guessing things with an above 50:50 accuracy. Hardly something you could be upset about. They use to represent an important medium for mankind. They use to be what fox news is today. Only today we take the tv channel literally!

A channel could say the US government will be taken over by daemons. Then that would be a possible future. How much scientific references does startrek have? I rest my case.

But there is only one man on this world would could convince you of this over the Internets.

View this video then LISTEN CAREFULLY at 4 min 30 sec

If Randi would have chosen to use trickery in his video he could have used any number of routines one would be to keep that bit as short as possible.

But hey wait a minute!

Geller's claim was that by wanting things they could become.

Randi challenged this exact claim.

Drawing pictures straight out of peoples head is not something Randi can just hop over like a trained wabbit. His entire show is build upon this and he did not debunk this part of the act. He wrote whole books debunking Geller as a fraud? hahaha?? But was not consistently dishonest enough to pull it off.

no no! he says "people have been doing this for years"

In Vietnam the us military gave the soldiers pendants and ordered them to use them. Some also got real training.

It's just a silly example, but how did something like this survive for a hundred thousand years? Apparently it's just the people who don't know how it works empowering denial. If that wasn't the case it would have disappeared long ago.

It's a world of slaves and slave masters. But the slaves cant wait to be slave masters themselves so that makes it okay. If programed properly the slave would dismiss everything without taking any knowledge of it.

But I know the human is an extremely dangerous animal to farm.

If you are not careful it will eat you. no joke!

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