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Small wheels versus large wheels

I have made and ridden motorcycles for 20yrs and the biggest factors with tyre sizes are stabilty from centrifugal force. Bikes with small wheels are unstable at higher speeds, they are inherently closer to destruction because at the same speed a smaller tyre is revolving faster. Tyres are critical on bikes. As a bike leans in to a corner, the tyre, because of it's shape or profile, increases in contact surface to counteract the amount of force pushing the bike to the outside of the corner. These forces get to a certain point before the bike will slide and crash. Things that affect the performance of this are, heat in the tyre, weight vs power vs tyre size, tyre profile, diameter, motorcycle geometry. Basically you do not change wheels or tyre shapes on a bike unless u are prepared for the consequences. Harleys may put really big tyres on but they are not performance orientated. Almost all bikes these days have a 120/70 17inch front and depending on power a 160-200/55 17inch rear. Most bikes pre-1988 ran 18inch(or bigger) tyres. The simple reason for this is stability vs steerablity. 17inch is the best compromise. If you are designing a bike, stick with these sizes and work on suspension, geometry and weight distribution as they are more changeable. cheers Neil
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The power of Inspiration, I have also been reading some poems in the blog sections and think they have a great talent. They sound tortured almost , lost love and broken heart. But thru all the pain, u realise that life goes on around, oblivious. And that makes for a stronger soul, to survive the downs and enjoy the up's. What we can't do is let it get the best of you. Remember that it is easier to hate than to love but love brings greater rewards. And there is people that care, always. I hope that in this f$%ked up world of ours there really is someone to love. And that , that someone, is willing to love back , cause there is nothing so torturing than seeing someone you love , loving someone else. Also I think some of our best work is done when we are either deeply in love , or living without it, using it as the tool, the source, the inspritiation to make that vivid fantasy. Like Beetoven's deafness overcoming and creating an exotic symphomy, we too must push forth and embrace our god given talents and relinguish our burdon. Go forth and create, I say, lol, (standing upright amongst the people on my soapbox) for you are the chosen ones. You are in command of your destiny. Enjoy the power and inspire yourself to greatness. cheers Neil
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Hi neal,

You know engineering right. I have a million "crazy" ideas not sure what to do with them or exactly what order to name them in but I think there have to be some amusing things in there for you. The problem is that no one really understands what I'm doing or even on about. ha-ha

My most recent crazy idea is as follows:

Sail boats have been sailing up the wind for hundreds of years.

Looking at mass: doubling speed costs 4 times as much energy.

Looking at drag: Doubling speed generates 8 times as much drag.

I know it sounds redicoulous but what if we would use the drag to drive the wheels?

Lets assume that doesn't work for a moment.

There are propellor ships that can sail straight into the wind it's a very old invention.

We get 8 times the energy content out of of the wind every time we double the wind speed.

So driving up the wind will increase the energy output of the wind dramatically... no MADLY is the word. It will most~madly increase.

I have tried to ex-plore 'n -plain the negative drag topic some what here.
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