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The MAG-BIKE or magnetic bicycle is a bike containing a rear wheel that consists of an inner and outer wheel. The inner wheel is spun using a chain and gear system much like an ordinary bicycle. However the inner wheel applies a torque to the outer wheel using magnetic force. The outer wheel is layered on the inside with magnets that repel another set of magnets that are placed around the outside circumference of the inner chain driven wheel. This system allows for the inner wheel to nearly freely rotate and therefore potentially obtain a very high rpm. The force that the inner wheel applies to the outer wheel, we hope will force the outer wheel to match pace with the inner wheel when the bicycle is properly manufactured. In either instance, we still do believe that this concept holds enormous potential for several reasons. The first is that the concept of including a spinning magnetic wheel in our design allows for the potential to generate electricity. Electricity could be put to many uses in this bicycle. It could be applied directly to an electric motor to help spin the outer wheel, it could be used to power lights on the bike, it could be stored for later use, or be combined with solar power to create a bicycle that would recharge when not in use. This would allow for your next ride to be immediately motor assisted and therefore faster. If the MAG-BIKE technology is to work as effectively as hoped, it could also be applied to any other technology such as automobiles to increase efficiency. The intention of the MAG-BIKE as an innovative technology is to provide a first step in solving the current carbon-emission crisis in the world. The MAG-BIKE hopes to show the world the full potential of a man powered vehicle and narrow the gap between the effectiveness of a bike and an automobile as transportation devices. The hope is to influence people to use man powered transportation rather than polluting automobiles. This would lead to the decline in greenhouse gas emissions as well as a solution to this aspect of the global warming crisis and if nothing else noise reduction, and a fitter community.
YouTube - The MAG-BIKE

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