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Ball Magnet Reverses Rotation

Unusual magnetic phenomena observations are found in this SinkScience #7 video. First, we see a rotating and revolving ball magnet in a pyrex bowl. The revolving was expected; the rotating was not. Is this the same phenomenon as the Earth rotating around it's axis as it revolves around the Sun? Secondly, we see a ball magnet inscribe cloverleaf patterns in a pyrex bowl at lower rpms, in circles and ellipses as the speed is increased. Suddenly, the ball reverses direction at high speed and revolves faster and smoother AGAINST the prevailing magnetic field than it did with it. Eddy currents? Magnetic lag? Weird alien technology? Explanations are welcome! For more pics, videos and info on how to build this Tesla CD Turbine see my instructable at: Also, check my YouTube regularly: or subscribe to catch more fun and weird science videos as they come out.
YouTube - SinkScience #07 - Ball Magnet Reverses Rotation

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