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Price is of the essence, size is important! I've was looking around the solar websites and I keep finding dimensions like 3' x 4' I have no idea what it means. I was educated in Meters. We use meters here. I'm sure the thought is that most of their customers would be ordering things from some place nearby. But it's the other way around! I couldn't begin to buy things if I don't know what size it is. For each item you sell you should have values and prices in all currencies and/or have conversion tables right there on the page. I might be looking at one thing measured in foot that is suppose to fit onto another thing measured in thumbs while all I know is cm.

I'm not overreacting (lol) I keep seeing people trying to sell me things in units of nonsense. Comparing things now takes time like madness.

The full version is here. (ROFL)

ah, so 1 thou is 0.001 inches, I didn't know that one jet

ok, I'm back to figuring out the euros per square watt for each solarelectric store itam on the internets........

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