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The sailcar orbital generator

I always make totally insane demands of my projects. It never quite seems silly enough! Take my sail car for example.

I want to produce millions of cars.

- For this I wanted top quality NASA like materials for free preferably.

- I wanted it to be as strong as Kevlar but without weight.

- The vehicle needs to be human powered, fast AND safe!

- I need to get extra energy out of a rather small turbine (without violating the laws of physics or people will refuse to accept it's existence)

- It needs to sit just as good as the best chairs available.

- It needs to be easy to build.

- I also found it problematic how big and vulnerable the bicycle will turn out while parking.

- Then the thing of course needs the hippest paint job money can buy for zero bucks extra.

But it appears I haven't been unreasonable enough with my own demands. hahaha

The cabin will be made out of inflatable materials. This will make it cheap / light / safe / look good / aerodynamic / easy to build. NASA couldn't possibly do it cheaper. lol I will then fill the body with HELIUM! Now my cabin is below zero kg. This will allow me to park the thing vertically or even far up in the sky. The wheels and batteries keep the thing from flying away. (I hope) Then as a "side effect" the turbine will work just great up there. I haven't figured out how I'm going to fix the sails(rotor blades) on it but a simple U shape tube should supply enough structure. By using a flexible axle the generator can stay on the ground. The potential damage the flying generator can do is probably much smaller that way (seems important LOL)

The project is starting to look like we may plug the house in the car some day.

Now I need flexible solar glass, lots of it and for free plz.

Ideas anyone?

Feel free to edit the documentation.

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