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some history on motive mechanical means

-1700 Windmills developed by Babylonians; they are used to pump water for irrigation
-1450 Egyptians use the sundial to measure time
-600 Greek philosophers describe magnetic properties of lodestones (ferric ferrite)
-600 Static electricity effects generated by rubbing amber with fur recorded by Greek philosopher Aristophanes
-550 Pythagoras proposes that sound is a vibration of air
-270 Water clock built by Ctesibius
-250 Archimedes develops the principles of buoyancy and levers
62 Hero of Alexandria invents the aeolipile, a primitive steam engine
100 Hero of Alexandria describes experiments he has undertaken with air, and also writes about light, mirrors and very simple machines
271 Magnetic compass invented by Chinese scientists
700 Widespread use of water wheels in Europe for the production of power
725 I-Hsing invents a mechanical clock which struck on the hour and half-hour
from this : Physics Timeline

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