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You're the guy with all the answers RIGHT?

[quote]Gaby with you on their side how can they fail? You're the guy with all the answers RIGHT?[/quote]

Yes, finally you understand that I have all the answers. Let me give them to you:

1 - we need to learn to listen to peoples ideas
2 - we need to celebrate peoples ideas
3 - we need to make peoples ideas work
4 - we need to expand upon peoples ideas

Because we are not using half the answers that have been found. Not by me, but by the millions and millions of peeps who walked this planet before us. The denial of the existence of all that is just nonsense. Medical innovation, electric, computing, energy production, the list goes on and on, everything was moderated away. Often in favor of destruction of the ideas. If you pay attention you see that even social interaction has been abolished, peoples personality is drawn up by a 100% artificial world. You and me have almost no idea what news is real and what is not anymore. There just isn't any way of telling.

But look at it like this: there are hundreds of GEET engines, thousands and thousands of hydrogen or browns gas assisted cars.

In mainstream science there is no change in opinion on the phenomenon. It's exactly the same response as when the first 200 mpg carburetor was build in early 1900.

Just like famous mathematicians didn't look at perpetual motion devices 500 years ago because such a thing is impossible. Today we know for example Cornelius Drebbel used atmospheric pressure changes to power his clock. Today we know perfectly well it was not a nonsense-impossible device.

We still do this today, no one notices it. But how can uneducated foul mouthed opinion from the other side of the globe be an authority over direct observations?

What scientific sadness!

With plasma or browns gas we can increase efficiency enough to grow crops to power it. Every industrial nation grows industrial hemp except the US . Non of them allowed for a decent motor to happen so it's not viable now eh? We have millions of smart people but hey if you forbid them to look at something then they are not going to come up with much creative thoughts on the topic. Such tech cant be made to work because [insert dogma here] + you this and that!

I'm sure we cant do anything to improve this world if we create an impossible mindset and use artificial obstacles designed specially to prevent the very things we need from happening. So the answer is for everyone to take notice of what is happening in the world. Then the problems can be discussed and become easy to salve.

I know what you want to say:

My answers to all the problems in this world are perfect.

But the truth is that if you would combine my answers with your own or your own with mine then your answers for all the world problems would be even better as mine. We would like advance from perfect to something even better using up only one person. :-)

You and me cant possibly guess what guy Nr 3 will add to it. Then if peeps keep looking into the thing I will have to agree my seemingly perfect solution didn't include half the answers. Over time our contributions will become insignificant.

Some talk about taxes or money but eh? bla bla?? Dude, you cant eat money. It's faces of George Washington printed on paper. It has nothing to do with the feedings of mankind. SURE, we owe the rich on this planet at least a hundred million years of labor. hahahaha sure... hahaha but lets feed people so that they can do the work eh?

Lets see, 30 000 pp, a salary of 3 bucks per month or so. The US citizen is say 10 000 months behind on salary payment per person. At 1% interest rate that is about 100 years per year per person? hahahaha You think this scam has something to do with feeding people?

Trust me, food you make from mud sunlight and water. You don't need any important people to make it work, not even a picture of one. Feed the cow then eat the cow. It's all pretty straight forward, you add water to grow grass, sunlight, a fence etc

Make food and get it to the right places, that is the work. Lets reward people after it's done, we cant have people expected to be rewarded for owning the means of food production, pay or die! ROFL!

Can give farmers and big pharma all the money they want for their farmland. The value of a currency looses it's relevance. A low currency would mean, low earnings, low rent, and lower production costs. People who have food, a house with electrics, running water and even a garden don't mind paying nothing for their house. As long as we have all of our luxury itams we don't care about money at all. Do you want to pay 15 cent for a beer or 7.50 ?

But when peeps want you to work for 1.50 per hour in stead of 75.- then you just stay home by the fire place. :-) A settlement at 30,- would already be unreasonable but it would have 20 times the purchase power it has today.

It makes sense from a business perspective, first feed people before you exploit them. Then can exploit them ever after, no need to usery them up. Imagine what you can do as a business if you there is an abundance of cheap and healthy workers.

If an entrepreneur doesn't have the money to pay his workers he can just show them what happend and any normal person would be able to interpret the situation himself then one could opt to continue to work there.

What could be more fun then waking up really early then baking bread for the whole town? I mean if you have nothing better to do?

If societly has provided for everything you could possilby need? Then what could be more fun then visiting a factory to drink coffee and give em a hand with all this automation?

Say we manage to decrease the global price of food by 90%.

We want a house every X km with it's own oil refinery and everything hemp, methyl solar, wind powered.

Nice solid state modular technology so that when something breaks it can be replaced by a new module and send back to the factory for repairs.

We are advanced enough to have robots harvest things.

Astronauts on space missions are busy - too busy to tend the hydroponic gardens that will keep them alive on long trips to distant worlds, or on the surface of the Moon or Mars. Using a $100,000 NASA grant, Peter Ling of the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center has created a robotic tomato harvester to keep astronauts on task.
Robotic Tomato Harvester Ready For Space: Science Fiction in the News