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HEMP powered GEET engines

You know what hemp is, you know what a GEET plasma reactor is. Besides from getting stoned (which isn't very productive but very inspiring) Industrial hemp can be used to make:

Paper, oil, plastic, firewood, food, rope, cloths and much much more

It was what powered the world economy though out the ages. Only the last 100 years the oil and wood industry have taken over. Application goes back more years then we bothered to document it.

Up to now GEET plasma reactors have been deployed to increase efficiency of petroleum. Pantone claimed 180 mpg but we can reasonably assume it to be over 100% of what we are used to.

In the context of hemp the most interesting property of the GEET is that it can be tuned to take almost any fuel. Depending on it's energy content one might have to add OIL's to lubricate the burn. From what I read and see so far 100% water doesn't work jet.

The raw plant oil from industrial hemp can be used as a fuel without any serious refining. In comparison the transportation of fuel all over the globe isn't so efficient either. That will never break even.

I think it will be hard if not impossible for solar to even come close to industrial hemp powered GEET engines. Other tech like the wankel engine can be used to improve efficiency even further. Remaining pulp can be burned by conventional wood burning means.

If we really want to compare efficiency we may ask how much money it costs to regrow forest destroyed for wood production? Will it ever be the same as it was before taking it down? Is unity even approached?

Looking at the carbon cycle, how much additional trees would we have to plant to make petroleum just as efficient as HEMP?

Remember this?

Reefer Madness (1936)



Holton of Granite Staters for Medical Marijuana asks Gov. Mitt Romney if he will have seriously ill patients like himself arrested for using medical marijuana with their doctor's approval

It's interesting to see how the politicians make reference to an agency where all the answers must lie. Do they also cheat over there I wonder? We should start with him not being a doctor, he is committing a crime. As an electable he sure showed us how he responds to stress. Just run away from it? He looks scared enough to me.

Dr. Paul says the state has no authority to stick it's nose in your private life.

He says: "as a physician, I know it is is very very helpful".

Why would he say "as a physician" if it doesn't mean anything? Perhaps it does mean something?

It's not unlike Judge Hanson branding Paul Pantone as crazy because he believes in an engine that cant exist according to science. But now judge Hanson also refuses appeal because crazy people do not have the right to file for appeal? We don't care if Pantone is either nuts or a crook, he did his prison sentence 20 times now.

there is a quote from
(The PHiladelphia Area Critial against Thinking)

> The GEET system works by pre-heating a fuel/crap mixture to the point
> where all the hydrocarbons are vaporized. As long as the mixture has
> enough combustible material in it, it will burn. Not very well, but
> it will burn. Dilute a gallon of gasoline with a gallon of water,
> and you cut the maximum theoretical efficiency of the engine in terms
> of energy per gallon of mix in half.
> The exhaust is so "clean" because it's so diluted with steam and
> other stuff that doesn't affect an NOx, HC, or CO meter. Just try to
> get the "clean-burning" fuel to power the vehicle sufficiently to
> drive, or try to get the fuel that actually allows you to drive to
> burn cleanly. The promotors like to claim that the GEET engine will
> run on water, Coke, and coffee, but they fail to tell you that you
> need some gasoline in there as well.
> Just how much gasoline? Well, that depends whether you want the
> engine to barely stumble over while you stick an EGA probe up the
> tailpipe, or whether you want to get usable power out of the engine.
> If you are pitching to a gullible audience, idle a rough-running
> lawn mower on a 50/50 mix of water and gasoline while you measure
> exhaust HC, then drive a Geo Metro on a 90/10 gas/water mix and tell
> them you can't sell it because of Big Oil but you'll sell them the
> plans, and you'll have the saps drooling and reaching for their
> wallets.
> Properly measured, on a miles per gallon of GASOLINE, the GEET does
> worse on a water mix than on straight gasoline. Anybody who tells
> you othewise without providing detailed experimental results is a
> liar. Anybody who does provide detailed experimental results is still
> a liar, and would present them in an SAE paper if they were accurate.
> A geek engineer would sell his own grandmother to make such an impact
> on society.

etc etc

"As long as the mixture has enough combustible material in it, it will burn. Not very well, but it will burn."

This is almost correct, if the mixture has a lot of combustible materials in it it will burn extremely well. In fact A mixture with a lot of combustible materials is the definition of a "very well burning material".

The point of the GEET was to use crude oil. It allows us to skip the refinery and make it run on anything that looks some what like a fuel. My suggestion was to use HEMP but any vegetable oil is good.

Hemp is cool as it generates 4 times as much biomass AND the disinformation will become something like: "The GEET doesn't work because people are crazy and they get stoned. We have to lock them up in prison camps, force medicate, force labor etc." Because that is what sanity means today right?

Ask yourself, are you seriously planing to smoke your car fuel?? huhuhu!! Ask yourself, what are the odds? Be honest! And a doctor prescribing something to his patient. I'm not a doctor, I'm not legally allowed to say it's a good or a bad prescription. Do you feel your uneducated nose belongs in their business? I sure do not. Or perhaps you are a medical expert? Do you feel my nose belongs in your patient files? I can make opinions on all of them. It woudn't mean anything but if you want me to?

Medical files are confidential, the petrochemical industry should of course make drugs, we should do what ever it takes to prevent them from also writing the regulations for them. It's either that or you get the patent holder enforcing a drug or vaccine.

The skeptic said it himself:
"the GEET system works by pre-heating a fuel/crap"

Where one man's crap is another man's treasure.

200 years ago we used cows and horses to power big wheels (like millstones). Today we use cow poop (brown gold). This new oncoming tech is also interesting.

I agree it's pretty disgusting but hey if it works? At least it's obvious why no one thought about it?


It's like self growing solar panels. Compared to corn hemp grows just about anyplace, takes far less attention and gives far more biomass. It's efficiency comes from skipping refineries and minimal fuel transportation. Compared to batteries the hemp oil can store the energy for quite some time at great efficiency.

When government funding would be in place a rotary engine (Wankel) could be designed specially to grind and drink hemp.

If conventional solar is used for the farming and refining machines we can store solar energy in the form of hemp oils. Just like oil wells are using more and more unconventional energy sources to pump up the oil. Yes, we have petroleum made out of solar today! Hard to imagine isn't it?

So, that brings me to the point of this posting.

What are your thoughts on this? You know? That part what separates you from the machines?

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