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HHT - Hydrogen Hybrid Technologies

Hydrogen Hybrid Technologies Inc. (HHT) (OTCBB:HYHY) President Ira Lyons is pleased to announce that it has assumed complete responsibility for the ongoing testing of Hydrogen Fuel Injection (HFI) by one of the largest suppliers of vehicles to the U.S. armed forces. As part of its license agreement with Canadian Hydrogen Energy Company (CHEC), HHT will be responsible for all test monitoring and market development within the important military marketplace. The testing has been taking place in Texas and at the U.S. Army testing facilities at Yuma, Arizona, for over nine months.

"With over two million vehicles in the fleets of North American and European armed forces, the testing by the U.S. Army means that Hydrogen Fuel Injection (HFI) products have a huge lead over any competitors in the emissions control and fuel savings industry", said Mr. Lyons. "The successful testing, to date, has shown fuel savings ranging upwards from 6.5% and has generated considerable excitement at the OEM vehicle manufacturer as well as amongst the Army procurement staff, as well". "The U.S. Army estimates that it costs $300/gallon to supply fuel for international deployments, meaning the HFI products would pay for themselves after less than 10,000 gallons of fuel use. When compared to the high fuel use of tanks and other heavy equipment, this means an exceptionally fast return on investment, while providing a dramatically improved environment for the vehicle occupants", Lyons added.

HFI technology is installed as an add-on to diesel and gasoline engines where it significantly reduces a wide variety of emissions (CO, PM, HC, CO2 and NOx) while simultaneously reducing fuel consumption. HFI units are being used by over 150 fleets of long-haul transport trucks, ambulances, municipal buses and other heavy equipment, earning HFI the dominant position as the world's most widely-used on-board electrolysers. The technology is based on electrolysis and the units split water, on-board the vehicle, then vents the hydrogen and oxygen directly into the air intake of the engine. Adding hydrogen significantly improves the efficiency of combustion, in the engine, with significant financial and environmental benefits.

HFI is distributed through the world's largest retail distribution network for any hydrogen product, with over 140 Certified Installation Centres all across Canada, the United States and Mexico. Recently, geographical distribution has been expanded to include China, Korea and Europe. The product is the first emission control technology to receive "Environmental Technology Verification" (ETV) by the Canadian government and the first hydrogen technology to receive ETV recognition anywhere in the world.

About Hydrogen Hybrid Technologies Inc.: The OEM licensee of the world's most advanced on-board hydrogen generating system, the Hydrogen Fuel Injection system. This technology is patented, or patent-pending, worldwide and has been actively marketed for over seven years. The system offers unparalleled benefits for virtually any internal combustion engine, with increased horsepower, decreased emissions and an improvement in fuel economy guaranteed. The company's products are marketed through a network of certified installation centres in Canada, the U.S. and around the world.

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