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Carl Cella

A WATER FUELLED CAR by carl Cella I am the madman behind the US heavy-metal band, "Rampage", but long before my musical success I was mechanically inclined, and the possibility of running a car on fuel extracted from water intrigued me no end. After reading all the information I could find on the subject of hydrogen generators, I built my first actual unit in 1983, mounting it in the trunk of a 1979 Cadillac Coupe de Ville. I constructed my system from the best of all the other systems I read about, and then went even further, using the strongest materials and cleanest layout possible within reason. All the titanium nuts and bolts were scored from an aircraft salvage supply: they're cheaper, used, and since they'll never wear out that's one way to save some big bucks. Certain head and exhaust system modifications have to be made to expect trouble-free extended use. For one, the combustion of hydrogen results in the rebonding of the previously-separated hydrogen and oxygen molecules, making the engine's exhaust water vapour steam, and nothing else - meaning absolutely no pollution at all!
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