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mc doctor Cain with the Energy Rap

Grandmasta Cain on the MC givin us the word on things that should have been done 100 years ago. (give or take) Hemp was the wood-, hemp was the paper-, hemp was the clothing-, hemp was the fuel-for thousands-, upon thousands-, upon thousands of years.

I will rest tha case already brotah. You can fuel the car with this s.

But politicians cant even allow it on subscription basis.

Not even doctors may prescribe the fuel.

Of course you can also spin generators using cows. It's not magic you know?

Have any idea how much cows we have? And they stand arround standing there all day? That would be a technology we have used for? 100 000 years?


But the dope powered auto barely needs refineries. As long as there is enough oil mixed in the plant juse a GEET engine can run on it.

YouTube - mc doctor Cain with the Energy Rap