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More faq

  • I would be interested in participating. It seems a little ambitious and that's the way I like it.
  • My thoughts are that there should be a test run. That is to say that we should create a temporary blog where we would have all those willing to participate actually write something just to get a taste of how it will be.
  • Yes, we will need a publishing platform. How to publish the content in one pdf.  I think we should do a permanent beta after the first edition goes live but first printing and sending  needs a trial run.
  • That should be the starting point and from there we can evaluate how we would organize the magazine.
  • Yes, a publishing platform will allow us to shape it really well. Picking the right platform/formula from the start should have priority.
  • Once we see whose actually committed to the project, we can advance to the next stage and start preparing everything.
  • I do not beleave in waiting for others to act. I will try to prepare everything even if no one takes part, that decision is based on how it looks so far.Image
  •  Of course by the time the test run is over we should already have all the costs figured out and a plan formed.
  • I would call this "problem 1" Sending a direct mailing in the US is 540$ for 5000 copy's, but we want to know what it costs for each country. 
  • One question though, will we be able to edit our post before it goes to print?
  • yes we will need to change it lots of times to make it look good.
  • how many people have you got interested so far?
  • I didn't send a lot of messages, we have 6 real participants now. Image

  • My comment on this Great post, :)
  • The editing functionality should be automated by the web itself, using a kind of page ranking mechanism, except in a way that ranks pages based on an individual's interests.
  • A vote system could affect the freedom a bit. But it could be used to indicate posts that are over the top. So we can vote to remove a post or demand editing. Better would be to explain why one doesn't like a post or finds it unacceptable. I do think that we should all agree before we publish. If one of us doesn't we should look into it take a vote. :)

Things that need work, questions and thought:

  1.  The amount of time the whole thing will cost me is really important to the result
  2.  The postage
  3.  The printing
  4.  Moving the content into the draft
  5.  Editing the draft
  6.  Publishing the edited content into the pdf