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The cheat of the brain


I'm known for being awfully intelligent and awfully dumb at the same time.

Against popular believes ignorance is bliss it's just not bliss for the person being ignorant.

For sake of argument you are going to "assume" it is technically possible to read and write the human mind by artificial means.

You read this text, it is in your head now but the decisions you are going to make based on this text are not at all familiar to you at this time. This while the situations you are going to face can be influenced if not engineered entirely and be done so very easily.

The situation could be writing something, if this text was to influence your writing then your writing may influence others in the same way. If you believe something to be fact you can explain this if it's true or clear is of no importance the influence will conduct.

You think: Other humans controlling your mind? Well yes, obviously? You must have seen at least one commercial in your life. That would be a good example of staged credibility and the building of such.

However, the humans controlling your mind are far less interesting as the non human sources.

I just realised that obvious facts that people refuse to believe, allow for the mapping of the lies against the agenda.

Every country has it's military, people working there are not suppose to disclose knowledge that could endanger the country or give the potential enemy any technological or intelligent advantage.

An alien military force (if present) would not just exceed the quality of our own ability to brainwash people but also be of superior effective volume.

Take people who insist UFOs can not be of alien origin, in their views any extra terrestrial life forms are even more impossible.

At the very least they should appreciate how there are 2 possible answers, there may either be life in the galaxy or there is not.

The later can only be derived from knowing the content of the box. Sure we are all inside the box but we are "short sighted" and we don't have the ability to move around the box.

Anyone who claims there is no extra terrestrial life in the galaxy assumes to actually know what the galaxy looks like.

A far more likely cause is that ET projected this speculation into the mind of those people.

Sure governments have been very dishonest about the topic as well but classical terrestrial mind control primarily depends on repeating the lie and covering up the evidence that doesn't compliment it.

In stead I see very poor disinformation and highly intelligent people willfully subjecting themselves to the lie.

When whole towns or whole cities see a craft the subjects go as far as to suggest spontaneous mass delusion.

Think about it:

It was probably something else, a well known effect, the footage is obviously fake and the spectators are all insane.

The non eye witness not just tries to reject the eye witness but the evidence becomes far more evident where they never adjust their views!

If you are right and thousands of eye witnesses are wrong then you need to come up with something better then "they are all crazies"

We have millions of sightings, "hallucination! They are all insane!"

I frequently claim millions of people got it wrong but I have evidence or at least I can rationally explain why they are wrong.

If I cant make it evident that I am right and the millions of people are wrong then it is far more likely that my guess is not a fact at all. It's guesswork, helpful but it doesn't prove anything.

Roswell was just a balloon crash right?

All eyewitnesses sworn to secrecy, for a balloon?

Some of the witnesses talked, some of the government employees talked.

They didn't think it was a balloon at all.

Here we pull out the spontaneous mass delusion card again?

Excuse me but spontaneous mass delusion is not something we have on file, we have millions of saucer sightings from all walks of life. Mass hysteria or mass suggestion exists but there needs to be a source for this to happen. Those subjected to the mass suggestion need to be subjected to the mass suggestion before the mass suggestion can take place.

If there was anyone on sight who claimed not to see anything where people pointed their finger then we could speculate if there is a case of "mass hallucination".

but it's always the people who didn't witness the event who claim to be all knowing about the galaxy. We clearly have a case of mass delusion right there. There is an abundance of evidence.

If it is that easy to have people buy into nonsense then it is that easy.

For ET it would be easy, like a walk in the park.

This of course is just an example. I would suggest you validate all information presented to you.

If a person can-not supply credible reasoning you may assume his views have been subjected to 3rd party engineering. People are never "just crazy", the crazyness always has it's source and the source has it's own cause. So called experts are suppose to have a higher level of reasoning, it's not at all a good excuse for wishful thinking let alone calling it "teh facts"

No no aliens are not real! You hear me! They are not real! I order you to accept it.

Definitely brain-doctored.