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Lack of Effective Government

There is a lack of effective government at present as the energy crisis begins to grip and make life hard for the poor and elderly. As we see from Rhys%u2019s confused non-response, he has no idea of recent developments in science. Either that or he refuses to countenance any reason. I have received no response at all from Stephen Hawking. Others also have had this experience with Hawking. It seems to me that these people cannot debate science, even with the most sincere of other scientists. It is known that the US Congress regularly takes advice from Hawking, but he is out of touch with new developments. I did hear recently that Penrose has doubts now about big bang, and that is some kind of progress. However, the scene At Aberystwyth University is the same old boys non-response club as existed as far back as the mid seventies. Those inside the club remain there half a century. It is mathematics and physics at Aberystwyth that conspired to close the chemistry department there, the EDCL. I see websites emphasizing the size of grants received, but there are no impact statistics that objectively show the actual effect of this funding on the scientific community. Aberystwyth University is not recognizable now as being any different form any other monoglot University in Britain. We very urgently need a tertiary outlet for secondary Welsh language education. Similarly in the Welsh Assembly, we see people remaining there for years, essentially unelected, and essentially with no personal knowledge of the language. Some of these Assembly people actually used secretarial staff recently to tell me to stop sending e mail. They appear to be unable to use an unsubscribe facility. So this is the ultimate in governmental non-response, one would never have guessed that they were representatives of the people. There is no MP, EMP, County Councillor or AM who obtained a majority of the electorate, they are all elected on a minority vote because the turn out is so low. Proportional representation and compulsory voting would change the entire political landscape. So in conclusion there is arrogant non government, both in science and in the public arena. As usual , the ordinary people essentially have to fend for themselves.
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