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Tony Cuthbert

At the age of 54, Tony can't remember how many bright technological ideas he has had, but he reckons it must run into many thousands, most of which I have forgotten. Michael Laughton, Professor of Electrical Engineering at London University, who has spent the last decade informally scouring Britain for out-of-the-way inventors, says Cuthbert is unique. "Tony is the most prolific and gifted inventor I have come across. Given the right kind of backing, he could easily surpass Edison's record of a thousand patents." The rewards of technological creativity are notoriously fickle and often illogical: the inventor of a complex vacuum cleaner has earned a few millions, but a simple cardboard milk carton has made someone else a billionaire. If there were any justice in the world of invention, Tony Cuthbert would now be a multi-millionaire too - for his new clutchless gearbox alone. But then there's also the Cuthbert turbine, the Cuthbert magnetic separator, the Cuthbert Rainmaker, the Cuthbert sub-sea ice-making technology - and a couple of Cuthbert free energy devices etc etc etc

Memory is reverse proportional to thinking. Being a walking library is not thinking, reproduction is not thinking, imagination is not remembering, intellect is not a book. Unless of course books are all reproductions of reproductions. Maybe not eh?

To the artist academics are back-slapin imbeciles not by choice but by design. I know that sounds kinda offensive, but its written down now so that has to mean it's true. You can cite me on it. No, it's written down so it's true, period! We don't have to think about it any longer because it is self evident. hahahaha

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