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Water Succeeds Gasoline As New Invention Is Perfected dec. 1935

Documenting the petroleum agenda pushers.
The smell of ignorance is rife in here. Shills and hucksters promoting electrolysis or browns gas are interested in nothing but the money in your wallet. Electrolysis takes energy. The hydrogen and oxygen create energy. For this to work, the process would need to create more energy than it consumes. :rolleyes: Read a physics textbook once in a while people Comment by Nathan - September 7, 2008 @ 7:25 am
Water Succeeds Gasoline As New Invention Is Perfected

I see a reference to physics for chemistry and car mechanics Then you say shills and hucksters? "money in your wallet"? I think you are talking about your own wallet here. You should stop reading and start doing things for us.

Shills and hucksters promoting mega particle accelerators are interested in nothing but the money in your wallet. Useless particle accelerators paid for by public funding.

When asked: "what do you think we will find?"
Their answer was: "I can’t even imagine it. Whatever it is, we’re ready."
True story! Source:

Soon there will be no one left who believes Einsteins contradicting theorems, the conversation of energy or the pancake theory. The physics joke is becoming much to obvious for us to buy into. The Garrett car is no more a perpetual motion device than a drinking bird. We have Yull Brown, we have Stanley Meyer, we have Dennis Klein, we have Daniel Dingle etc the list goes on and on. Before Dad and Charles Garrett Keely had already shown the tech. It's been shown to you a hundred times by now.

The economy is going down and scientists build Mars rovers? An international space station? But not one honest review for the water fuel technology. John Kanzius showed you that you indeed can burn salt water using radio. Boy, did he get attacked for that.

Here is the Garrett Radio fire alarm system.

Tesla promised the future belonged to him, you are using his Internet right now. "Transmission of intelligence over distance." All physicists can do is scream hoax, lie, fraud and ask for money. But that is not how science is done. Results we want, not talk but results.

Among many scientists Admiral Sir Griffin witnessed the Meyer cell working for hours.
Anthony Griffin, 1993. Water as Fuel. Extract of a lecture given by Admiral Sir Anthony Griffin at a UK symposium on the Impact of New Technology on the Marine Industries.

Resume's dont lie

Professor Mike Laughton, Emeritus Professor at the Queen Mary university of London witnessed the Meyer cell working for hours.

You have better credentials?

Have anything to show for the hoax claims? It sounds to me like fraudulent accusation. Where do all those laws of nature come from? Didn't some one actually have to figure it out?

You are all out of luck, Michael Faraday had very little formal education and knew nothing about mathematics. And now the academics want to use his work to debunk his work?

I'm sorry but you cant have it both ways you cant.

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